Monday, September 6, 2010

Blog Cruise: SisterT'sTalking: Her Reaction to Criticism About Hsing

Some people just aren't going to like everything we do.  I well remember our decision to homeschool and some of the comments and thoughts of our friends and family. There was some support as well as well intentioned "concerns" expressed by anyone who cared to share. It is a heavy decision, I must admit, and what I did was asked God for His wisdom and desire, and proceeded on.  I hate to say it, but swimming upstream while not easy is sometimes necessary.

I did much research to be sure of my "facts" about hsing as were available to me. (Today there's a lot more information and the web is more used and rich with hsing information.)

I surrounded myself with like-minded people who understood what God was asking of us. (We joined a co-op for hsing that met once a week with activities.)

I began to learn how to do the job and to prepare. (I researched curriculum and methods as much as I could.  I gathered supplies and books.)

I allowed the nay sayers to just WATCH AND SEE~arguing never helps or would never have helped. (I think there are still some who WONDER and worry, but they don't say much now.  We don't discuss it for approval anymore~it's just a fact in our family.)

This is just what happened with us~hub was all for it if I thought I could~Hub and God are the two to be most concerned about what they think.  The kids haven't always been thrilled, but they know we are marching on in a process of doing what we believe is the right thing for them and our family.

If you encounter opposition, pray and seek God first. Discuss with your spouse.  Get on the same page as a family. Research and the go for it!~
God bless you as you consider hsing and may face obstacles/criticism along the way. The Lord knows, and He  has your back!

Read on to see what the other CREW are saying about criticism in their homeschool experiences. 

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