Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Farmgirls at Heart~Living the Dream!

Amber waves of grain...
Autumn...Fall...Harvest.  This is my favorite time of year when all the world is washed in the golden-orange-browns and greens of the season! I really can't decide if it's my ALL TIME fave or if like spring I am just so glad for the beauty and changes that it's so welcomed in my soul...but I do enjoy riding the roads looking at the scenery, picking up leaves, nuts and branches~and I love pumpkins.  I remember in college, a small christian Bible school nestled in the busy metropolis where we attended church in the countryside riding through to see my favorite house~a yellow, lapboard with a country porch...autumn had come with leaves on the ground and some pumpkins out front~the idea at the time was surreal~I was a single with no husband or children~this little home, a HOME was part of the dream life, for I live in a yellow (ONE OF the many colors LOL) house that has lapboard siding and a porch...the family inside is the one of my longings~but hey, where are my pumpkins this year? I'm stopping at the pumpkin patch on Sat and picking up a few~for fun and for family~a reminder that DREAMS DO COME TRUE~sometimes!

I'm a city girl in a rural place living a farm girl's dream...if you'd like to join the other farmgirls at heart head overHERE!

NOPE, we didn't grow the pumpkins~wish we had, tho ;-))

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Anonymous said...

I love fall too...we don't see a traditional "fall" here in Florida. The deciduous trees just seem to magically drop their leaves when the temperature gets below 90 for a few days! I miss the colors of fall up north, but not the cold winter. Thanks for stopping by the blog! ;)