Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Farmgirls at Heart~Apple Plans!


Seems like all this Farm Girl EVER does is talk about her country-farm girl cooking! Well, it's this cooking that leads to the good eats at my table!

Last week, I shared about getting around my neighborhood on my bike, but this week it's just been too hot to ride and covet all the neighbor's fruit on their trees LOL~but God is good and has favored our love of fresh food with an offer from a friend of ours to come and pick their FIVE loaded apple trees~We're heading out this evening when it's a tad cooler to pick.  So now I'm hunting down the info on doing apples~we'd like to freeze applesauce!

How do you do apples? My mouth is watering just thinking about them!

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Illinois Lori said...

Hey, Sister! Thanks for joining at FFG this week! I love making applesauce, but we hav to drive to Wisconsin to get to the good in the end, it's very pricy applesauce, but homemade tastes soooo good!

I core and peel the apples, leaving a weee bit of peel on because we like the slightly pink color to the sauce that the peel gives. Throw them all in a stock pot with about 1/2 cup of water to which a little splash of lemon juice has been added, and a whole clove to every, oh, 5 apples or so. I do not add ANY sugar. It's not needed, and I think it ruins the sauce.

The water will boil quickly on high heat, then I put the lid on and turn the heat down to a simmer, and let the apples steam about 10 minutes. Then I start stirring off and on while they continue to soften and eventually turn to mush consistency. At that point, I get my potato masher and my can of Watkins cinnamon, and mash and sprinkle to taste! (We like it kinda chunky, but when my kids were little I had the added work of the food mill to get a smooth sauce...not no more!)

I then put it into quart freezer jars, let cool, then into the freezer. They are just as good as water-bath canned (which I've done as well, many times), thaw pretty quickly, and never last long here!

Have a blessed apple-picking day!

Christine said...

Hi! I'm reading your FFG post through IllinoisLori's blog! Apples are my absolute favorite fruit! But they must be crisp; I don't like mushy. :)

I've done applesauce, too, and frozen it. Lori is right on in her recipe, though I do still put mine through a hand-crank food mill. Someone told me that you can steam your apples whole, then put them through the food mill and it will filter out core, seeds, and skin. I've never tried it, though!

Okay, now *my* mouth is watering. Mmmm, apples. :)

Have fun with your apples!

Katia said...

Hi, how sweet of your friends to share their apples with you. Our friends do the same to us, since we don't have an apple trees yet.
My apple sauce is almost identical to Lori's, but I don't season mine until after I add the sugar, sorry but we like ours very sweet, for some apples are very tart.
I have a recipe for canned apples, it's in my recipe blog. If you are interested in something different than the sauce.

Ruth said...

Hello! That tree is really loaded. What a blessing to have a generous friend in the neighborhood.

I wonder how many pies I could make with those apples?

Enjoy your harvest.