Saturday, September 4, 2010

Apple Picking~Processing Whew! Applesauce MADE TONIGHT!!

We did it!  Picked about 65 gallons of fresh apples from a friend's tree~whoohooo AND picked up about 50 gallons that had fallen for another friend's horses.  This work went fairly fast in that in about two hours all six of us~our family AND the friend had totally picked and cleaned underneath the one tree.  What a blessing he shared with us his bounty.  We had a great time going on this little jaunt to pick them and then take the apples to the friend's barn for her horses.

When we got home, we jumped right into processing our applesauce for our deep freezer. Son was our resident corer-peeler, daughter took a turn but mostly got her self ready for work tomorrow, but she WAS the one who climbed the tree! AND Dad cut out the spots and ends with ME and Grandma working the sink to scrub each apple with our brush before the peeling/coring and chopping began.

 Each apple was done this way and placed into a huge bucket (food grade) with lemon water to prevent browning and then after a big pot was accumulated, I put them on to cook.  I used 1/3 cup of Real Lemon and 2/3 cup of water.  I didn't use any sugar, Splenda or cinnamon.  We are going to package into ZipLoc bags and freeze. Right now as we visit, my apples are cooking down for the sauce. We have worked about one and a half hours processing with apple sauce (chunky) all made up!We like it this way so I'm not going to process it into finer grade of sauce but leave some pieces in it for a full texture.

The kids seemed to have a great time~and it was a hoot to watch them get the apples and process them!

Oh I can't wait to get some goooood applesauce! Already we've all eaten one OR TWO fresh! YUM!

I'm going to do a second post about HOW we made or rather have begun making our homemade YUMMY applesauce for the freezer!

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