Friday, September 24, 2010

REVIEW: Entrusted With Arrows (Christian documentary by MovieMakers)

Entrusted With Arrows:
Entrepreneurial Homeschool Fathers
MovieMakers DVD
AGE: Adults

Price: $19.99   HERE
I say: This is first rate! 

I received a free preview of Entrusted With Arrows and no other compensation for my review. My opinions are my own.

In the End...What's It Gonna Be?

Do you ever wonder what's going to happen to your kids when they grow up?  Do you think about life choices and how it's going to be~in their future?

Entrusted With Arrows showcases some Dads who have made an incredible choice~come home and ACTIVELY participate with the rearing of their children.  Wow~what a concept for a loving Christian Dad to show his children the ways of the Lord, first hand!

There's some pretty strong evidence shown from the Southern Baptist Convention, which I happen to be familiar with regarding the stats of what happens when kids grow up~it's alarming actually!  Kids are leaving the church, folks! If you haven't left yourself, you already know this...if you work with young people in the church or with children in the church, you know this as well~kids are getting harder and harder to reach for Christ~to teach about God and how to live in a Biblical way~sooo while it might not be for everyone, WHY NOT?  Why wouldn't Christian parents want their children to fully understand, love and serve God?  Is there too great a sacrifice to be made?

For some, homeschooling just might seem like a drudgery and burden~oh yes, it can be~no doubt on a bad day, and don't we all have those?  But, is it not the role of the Father to teach his children through his own efforts and role?  Coming home to work from home is a unique position these Dads have been called and allowed.  God has blessed them.

I think this is a wonderful resource for families~It's a call to becoming the Father and spiritual leader God has called men to become.  Every home and church family needs to see this!

In the end, end of homeschooling or other schooling, what is it going to be for your child? Will YOU become your their greatest influence? God help us all to be the Moms and Dads that will please Him~and help us raise our children for Him!

Check out Entrusted With Arrows!  It's a current semi-finalist at San Antonio Christian Film Festival!

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Guiding Light said...

Hmmm...sounds like a VERY good movie...going to have to check it out! Thanks for posting this review to bring this (what sounds amazing) documentary to our attention! Blessings!