Thursday, September 23, 2010

HELPING My Struggler~Interventions

It's just not worth melt downs and anger is it?  Some days we really struggle to put the pen to paper and get the work done.  I have two very different learners and this can be so challenging. While I combine as much as I can, the way they learn, rate and abilities really varies a bunch! So with all said, we have to juggle and THINK on our feet a good bit.  The other day, as I was "grilling and killing" my 9th grader who is delayed and struggling at times, I found that I was also really holding up my more advanced teaching note taking using a dictation method.  Ha~sooo when you find something NOT working, you know you gotta change, right? Sooo once the mayhem was all over, I began to consider WHAT I could do to teach good classroom skills to a kid who can't keep up with written notes.  I KNOW it sounds really disparaging to say this, but it's true that note taking is a challenge for some.  There are adults who can't do it~sooo WHAT do do~how to help...

I got it in my head that in college while I'm not right now in our homeschooling purchasing an individual (in some cases) text for each child, in college most likely they will have their own and can HIGHLIGHT the text as the professor lectures~~OH yes!!!!!!! Like I've forgotten this little fact, right? NO! I do it, and I take notes in the margins! Actually I only do that IF the professor is lecturing straight from the text, which honestly~sometimes they are and sometimes they aren''s a credible skill to follow and focus on how to get the notes this I began a system of study that included copying the text and giving my kid a highlighter.  I have one with this way and the other who is note taking! Oh boy, we were able to move! We actually CAUGHT UP with our work and have successfully completed the material to have a study guide written (typed) and ready to go...TEST is tomorrow!!

I know these pics aren't the best, but I want you to see what we did with the study guide questions at the end of the science unit.  My learner typed his answers on a separate sheet of paper and I went over them orally~it was too much for him to rewrite correct answers when he had something wrong or incomplete...and then I cut a part the questions and made flaps so he could quiz himself.  He liked it! If he likes, he will use it! This is the whole idea, right?

I hope if you have a child who is challenging that you can be encouraged to KEEP trying~I NEED this myself~it's hard..I KNOW..but in the end...when we've mastered a skill or gotten it down~wow!  Here's hoping!!

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