Friday, September 3, 2010

FREE: SAT Prep in Math (Coordinates With Guide: SAT Prep (College Board)

Khan Academy is just amazing! My friend who is a math teacher suggests using the SAT Prep Guide to work specific areas so that more practice AND kinds of problems are covered in math.  OK, so how to do this?  I found Khan Academy online, and he does YouTube instructional videos in math at varying levels.  He also does science and some history. There are OVER 1600 videos of good subject matter~Go ck out this FREE resource for college prep!

What the site says about the SAT Prep book:
We have done all 8 math practice tests (432 problems) in the old version of "The Official SAT Study Guide" by the College Board (ISBN Number: 0-87447-718-2 published in 2004) in the 100+ videos below. If you have the new version of the book with 10 Practice Tests, we have given the corresponding test in the titles below.

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