Monday, July 5, 2010

Sugar Free Pickes~oh yeah!

Our garden has BEGUN coming in~oh yeah!! And nothing is MUCH BETTER tasting that some homemade pickles~when my son brought in 15 cucumbers today, it's a good day to make up a batch~~hunting up a recipe that will use Splenda (hence the coupon HERE! to save a little change too!

Do you love FRESH summer veggies? They are the healthiest and best tasting!

OK, here's the breakdown on those delicious temptations:

info on cucumbers

ONLY 16 calories per cup! HUGE value for their caloric content.

Low in fat and sugar grams too~virtually nonexistent.

So if you are trying to get healthy~head on out and either plant some/pick some/or buy some!!

For a variation, you can omit the dill OR just use a little garlic (fresh or powdered.)

Marinated Cucumbers (THANKS Debbie!)
1 large cucumber (cut ends. Be sure to rub the cut end to the whole end~I don't understand it, but it will sweeten a bitter cucumber.)  Slice the cucumber VERY thin~paper thin or as thin as you can.  Thicker works, but it will take longer for the cucumbers to fully marinate (a clear look to them.)
Coffee cup (Yeah, the one you make your morning up with works fine IF it's washed LOL!!)
Vinegar (I like Brags Vinegar (brown apple cider vinegar) pour in about 1-2 inches in the bottom of the coffee cup.
Sugar/Splenda (sweeten to taste~as much as you like it.)
Warm water (I like distilled/purified water/tap is OK.)

Pour the vinegar marinade mixture over the cucumber slices.  
Put in the fridge until cold and/or slices have a clear look.

VARIATION: You can put onions (We like sweet red onions in ours.), zucchini, and yellow crook neck squash too!  

This is similar to Shoney's marinated cucumbers they used to have on their salad bar years ago! Enjoy!

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