Tuesday, August 3, 2010

FREE: This WEEK ONLY~Ken Ham's Already Gone Video Download

In 2009 we were blessed to visit Creation Museum and meet Ken Ham.  That particular day he was doing a book signing for his latest book, Already Gone along with co-writer, Britt Beemer.  What a neat thing to meet them, and I got a signed copy of this book.

As the mother of teens I am ever more concerned that young people who seem to come from 'normal' christian families leaving their 'roots' of faith behind once they reach the age of choice. I don't think I'm alone either in my concern.  Anyone who is attempting to rear their child for Christ needs to see what the research shows as Mr. Ham and Mr. Beemer have put together the numbers and some reasons that they see the trends along with strategy for making a difference in the lives of our young people.  Parents, teachers, church leaders and anyone concerned with the moral fiber of our world needs to read Already Gone and also watch this download.

You can't imagine how excited I am to see this FREE video download from Answers in Genesis/! Go check it out yourself.

If you are concerned with the growing trends of young people leaving the church~

...this DVD shows how to win back our families, our churches, and our world!

 Available until 8/10! You can sign up for email freebies from AIG too!

Ages 15 and up~

This is a pretty big file, and it's taking me 7 min to download~HTH ;-))

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