Monday, June 28, 2010

Survey: Lapbooking~

Do you lapbook? Is it a method you like to use? Here's a survey hosted by Scrap and Lapbooks. 
 Thanks for participating! ;-))

FREEbie: 3 Part Creative Writing Course

Creative Learners
is hosting a creative writing course in 3 parts.  Check it out! (Upper levels: Jr./Sr. High School)

GiveAway: Corel Paint It (software)

Under the Golden Apple Tree is giving away Corel Paint It! Software (Ends 7/5)

GiveAway: Liberty Lapbook (download from Egghead Academics...)

Our Busy Homeschool is giving away a lapbook on Liberty, The Founding of A Country about the American Revolution. (Ends 7/3)

Inspirations: God's Responses

We can always count on Him to "fix" what we can't!

You say:  'It's impossible'  
God says:   All things are possible  
( Luke 18:27)  
You say:  'I'm too tired'  
God says:  I will give you rest  
( Matthew 11:28-30)  
You say:  'Nobody really loves me'  
God says:  I love you  
( John 3:1   6 & John 3:34 )  
You say:  'I can't go on'  
God says:  My grace is sufficient
(II Corinthians 12:9 & Psalm 91:15)  
You say:  'I can't figure things out'  
God says:  I will direct your steps  
(Proverbs 3:5-   6)  
You say:  'I can't do it'  
God says:  You can do all things  
( Philippians 4:13)  
You say:  'I'm not able'  
God says:  I am able  
(II Corinthians 9:8)  
You say: 'It's not worth it'
God says:  It will be worth it  
(Roman 8:28 )  
You say:  'I can't forgive myself'  
God says:  I Forgive you  
(I John 1:9 & Romans 8:1)  
You say:  'I can't manage'  
God says:  I will supply all your needs  
( Philippians 4:19)  
You say:  'I'm afraid'  
God says:  I have not given you a spirit of fear  
( II Timothy 1:7)  
You say:  'I'm always worried and frustrated'  
God says:  Cast all your cares on ME  
(I Peter 5:7)  
You say:  'I'm not smart enough'  
God says:  I give you wisdom  
(I Corinthians 1:30)  
You say:  'I feel all alone'  
God says:  I will never leave you or forsake you  
(Hebrews 13:5)  

Saturday, June 26, 2010

12 Hrs Later, I AM BACK!

Oh yeah, taking care of me is huge...and it got way way too late last night.  In fact at almost three in the afternoon it's about 12 hrs since I went to up and went with my family to the flea market and to some garage sales. I am worn out, but not taking care of me...right now doesn't seem like much! But overall, in time IT COULD add up...B E W A R E! So with this, I know I must do better.

I also have to plan other ways of taking care of the details. I shouldn't ever be  slow to realize that a big picture viewpoint is good too~I need to do that too...but it's in the small itty bitty steps that accomplish the bigger picture...oh yeah!  I am looking at next year. We homeschool moms do that THIS time of year~in fact, we do it all throughout the year too.  I am planning to implement the TOS Crew review products into our year, but we have things we must accomplish for our highschool experience.  THIS IS GOING TO BE A FUN year and a hectic one too~hey, a little excitement is good, and we will NEVER get bored!

I got excited last night because my MIL taught my daughter how to make a homemade pie crust.  My girl makes the filling very well~she makes pumpkin pie from scratch as we freeze our own pumpkin from fresh each year..but it's great that Grandma spent this time showing her this wonderful skill! Thanks Grandma and our family sure enjoyed the pie after it was done! 

Taking care of the small things equals getting the big things DONE~what are you working on? ME?? Oh my...I have a you? Leave me a shout out ;-))

Taking Time

I can get sooo busy, can't you? I mean, we can really work ourselves into a tither with all the busyness in our lives and forget the truly important.  I need to constantly be reminded to take care of ME and the important things in our lives. Things like fixing truly healthy food to eat and even taking the time to eat it! ha! Ever run out of time to EAT and needed to eat,  but had no time so you grabbed something along the way? I try so hard to take time to make sure all these areas are taken care, but sometimes...well, the other day I snagged a banana and headed out the door! NOT smart when my body was needing more...then there's the sleeplessness that I ...OK, so I am a night owl! But I will do better...opps, looking at the time..gonna wrap this up and come back tomorrow! NIGHT!

GiveAway: Suddenly Salad Gift Pack

Homeschool Reviews and More is offering the giveAway. Ends 6/28.

GiveAway: Body Gospel Fitness Program

Marine Corps Nomads is offering this giveAway. End 6/27.

GiveAway: The Vintage Remedy Guide to Real Food (book)

Marine Corps Nomads  is offering a this book. ENDS 6/27

Thursday, June 24, 2010

DNG Sunny Seashells

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine
Download N Go:  Sunny Seashells

Ages: k-5th grades
$7.95 Get It HERE!

The waves rolling in, with the sun high in the sky, warm southerly breezes blowing this is where I grew up. On the southeast coast, the beach, marsh and water was something I took for granted, but having moved midwest, miss. When I was given Download N Go Sunny Seashells by Amanda Bennett, I became very interested because having grown up with seashells, it intrigued me to see what information would be offered for our littles about such a fun topic. Download N Go is a The Old Schoolhouse unit study that is easy to use with a quick download from your computer. It offers five days of study materials that will cover the subjects of handwriting, science, geography, spelling, and more! The graphics are colorful and attractive. Included are internet links for you and your child to do together~be sure and monitor this with your child for safety's sake.

DNG is useful as an extension of ocean studies~or as a stand alone unit study~you decide!  You could use this material to launch into greater in depth study. One thing I did think of is this will be enhanced if you own a seashell collection. I have collected seashells for years and how fun to categorize actual shells based on the instruction!! Is there an oceanography center/museum or institute nearby? Now is the time for a visit! Go to the beach and pick up seashells, find a way to extend the wonderful activities and information in Sunny Seashells! If you don't have the resources nearby, then the reading list will be of greater importance with the large pictures and information to share with your child.

Included are lapbooking and hands on activities. You can prepare these yourself for your younger children by pre-cutting them out and having them ready to go each day, or for a child who is learning to cut or an older child, let them do it so that their skills increase in this area. One thing I have thought of that would be neat with the DNG series is to have an uncolorized part or version for those children who like and need coloring experience. Fine motor skills are enhanced with these activities in the hands-on extensions.

Of course, you never have to do it all, but you will want to do as much as you can! Each day has objectives that are easy to accomplish. For example:

Day 1: Seashells—What Are They?

1. Let’s talk about seashells—what is your favorite seashell?
2. What are the main parts of a seashell?
3. Seashell of the Day: the giant clam
4. Seashells Around the World: Ireland

Remember that you can do all or just what you need to accomplish as DNG is completely customizable!

There's a library list of reading resources that many if not all are in the public library system. Don't feel obligated to purchase these books, but if you want to, then go ahead. If you have other books, you can use them as well. It's up to you! The list is categorized by each day too~no guess work! I like this!!

About lapbooking~if you've never constructed one of this, it requires a few simple supplies: paper brads, a file foler, printer paper, scissors, glue and construction paper (if you want) and pencil for your child. HOW easy is this, when most of us have everything except the brads!! They are sold at the office suppliers and file folders can be gotten there or at Wal-Mart. Included for your use are a few links to give you some instructions on just how easy lap booking is for your child along with a few examples of them. This will take any guess work out for you!

There are games, activities, word lists and more here! I like the short answer questions too. This is a skill that is so useful in teaching our children to write essay answers for language arts!!

When your child completes the study, there is a certificate of completion to present~WOW! It's all complete for easy use and value!

Download N Go is a great deal for your k-5th grade child for
$7.95 Sunny Seashells is awesome!

GiveAway: SpellQuizzer: CUSTOMIZABLE Spelling Software (download)

Until the Day Dawn is offering SpellQuizzer.  Go ck out what the  TOS Crew says.  Ends 7/1.

Thursday Talkn' About Teens~Dreaming!

Dreams are more than what happens to us in our sleep.  They are well crafted desires that enlist an action on our part to get something DONE~and my daughter has dreams, BIG dreams! She wants to live in Japan one day and be a writer.  Now as to order of these dreams, I can't say...I just know that at 15 she is chasing the elusive star as hard as she can in learning the Japanese language and studying the culture, as well as writing and attempting to sharpen her skills as she does.  She has entered a writing contest which we are quite proud of~while the entry isn't a "all roses and light" kind of story, it is well written and leaves one going..hmmm....

It's amazing when our teens LOVE and pursue something that is a desire and son, while he's not voiced it more than once has said he might play his trumpet for a this way I hear him practice multiple times a day?

 As much as we think we can drive our teens to go after something, it really turns into what it is that they WANT~their own vision of their future lives...where they see themselves as adults.

Well, at least mine have noble aims...they could wanna be  a ditch digger~which IF this is where they end up or what they pursue, I pray that honesty and nobleness of character will be their motto as with any other thing they do.

Our kids are dreaming~
Head over to read more on TEENAGERS! Click that button ;-))

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

GiveAway: 7 Green Little Books (kids environmental books)

LSG is offering a giveAway for seven children's books on environmental issues~fun little books.  Ends 6/25.

GiveAway: Backseat Drawing Game for kids to 6th grade

LSG is hosting a giveAway for this neat game. Ends 6/23.

Paula Dean Sweepstakes $250 Whoohoo!

Savannah's own, Paula Dean is hosting a sweepstakes for $250 from her store HERE!  Ends 7/8.

GiveAway: FOOD and Stuff

Hey, Crazy Mom is hosting a Good Earth giveAway on her blog~whoohoo! Ends: 6/27

GiveAway: Book~FOR Adults~OLDER Teens Only

Mountaineer Country is hosting a giveAway for Scars and Stilletos, novel by a young woman who God  redeemed from the sex trade industry.  This book has mature themes, while redemptive in nature, says 
Mountaineer Country .  Ends 6/30.
 This book, is not a memoir of a Harmony’s life as a stripper.  Rather, it is a memoir of Harmony’s life of darkness and her climb to salvation.  It is very much a good versus evil book and extremely uplifting.

GiveAway: 7th Heaven STUFF~oh yeah!

Head over to Heritage Homestead and Homeschool win. Ends 7-23 ;-))
LOADS to win~go ck this out!!

GiveAway: READING Sunglasses!

Mrs. White, Legacy of Home is offering the opportunity to enter for a pair of reading sunglasses~this is a coupon for $20 for their purchase! I get to pick my!  Enter HERE !!

High School Homeschooling

Participating in the carnival seemed a good idea, and I want to wish you all a wonderful summer!

We are taking a few weeks off to get things rolling around here with finishing our basement for some new bedrooms as my mother is now living with us.  We hope to get back in the full swing in a month or so...and until then I am considering our next move in our educational line up~Since both kids are teenagers now, it's important to consider these last few years in their education with care.  I am going to have them tested and look at working to prepare for the ACT or SAT as well as career choices.  It's not too soon, I'm afraid. My daughter got her driving learners permit on Friday and took to the interstate just this afternoon... 

REALITY CHECK: homeschooling won't last forever! 

Soo with this said, looking at the coming year with an eye to the future...yeah!

Since we have three years with one child and four left with the other, I want to give my children some choices and hear their hearts about the future.  What do they want to pursue?  Where are they going? What are the interests, strengths and weaknesses?  Are they both or one or none college bound? What do they want to BE when they grow up? What are their desires?

I feel it's very important to hear them on these things as ultimately it will be their lives they are preparing for.  I know that I have some firm ideas of things I want them to know.  Many of these are skills related to homemaking and living on a frugal budget. Oh, I don't want them doomed to poverty, but ABLE to cope with it should tough economic times befall them.  Learning skills such as gardening, canning and food preservation, sewing~dress making and mending, and overall general thrift makes good sense.  I desire to teach them money management and saving/investment skills along with bargain hunting and negotiation. Maybe they shold open bank accounts of some kind this next year!

I also feel strongly about their academic skills.  We are a family that values education and have worked hard these past nine years to ensure that they know how to learn independently and are self starters.  I know we will continue to prepare in upper level math, writing, science, history and Bible. We also want an economics, civics, and philosophy emphasis.  These are not light weight I know! Along with these, we want to continue the social and spiritual aspects along with the drama group in the creative arts.  I am sure both will continue studying their chosen foreign language and music endeavors.  My son is interested in his trumpet while my daughter loves her double bass and the piano.  He is into Spanish, and she is REALLY into Japanese!!  Soo yeah, they are very different kids~different abilities and dreams too!

I guess with the remodeling project going on, their experiences should count for a shop credit.  It's amazing how wonderful the home environment lends itself to learning!

What are you doing about "next year" and the future? Got new plans??

Go see what everyone on the Homeschooling Carnival has to say!

So glad you stopped by~

Monday, June 21, 2010

Blog Walk Week 2

~on the WALK again this week checking out the TOS CREW~

Here's  a little truth: ALL these bloggers are homeschoolers with their OWN PERSONAL take on homeschooling and life~You will get a different flavor on each read~

School Around the Table has something in common with my family~TEENAGERS~! 

1628 I'm dying to KNOW why the numbers!! But let me say that she has three adorable children and makes homemade yogurt~I'm in!! 

Morris Family Madness Ha~the TAG LINE:  "AKA Getting the Maniacs to Sit Still" hahahaha! I am loving this blog and her sense of humor! Hey, the father's day honor post is awesome!  Happy Fathers Day

Homeschool Musings Adorable kids and a great blog~love her TOP Ten...and the puppy is soo cute!

"I know in my heart my Lord was giving me a small glimpse of Himself that day. He was giving me a gift, filling me with such indescribable joy it just warmed my soul..."Go check out Homeschooling (and then some!)

Heartfelt Homeschooling  I can relate to this family in their search for a home~and how God has spoken  in their lives. Amazing blog with depth!

following Him home has a simple yet beautiful way with words~love her reading list too! I'm connected!

FREEbie Unit Study~The San of Africa

Sign up for this FREE unit study download:  The San of Africa  which has lap-booking components.

Also you may want to sign up with Yahoo Groups: HS TreasureTrove.

Blessings and ENJOY!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Digital Home School Enrichment Magazine

Here's a FREEbie homeschooling magazine in digital that you can't beat~Check it out!

Home School Enrichment Magazine from the Lewis Family.

This is a first rate magazine with lots of good sound information on homeschooling!

Be blessed!

JUST IN: From HSE:  CK this out!!

Honoring Dads

Later today it will be daylight and we will celebrate Father's Day 2010.  First I want to wish my husband a Happy Father's Day~love you hub!
So what are you doing to honor your father?  We are heading to church to hear THIS preacher tell it all about the family. We have planned a special meal with him afterward, and a time of rest...Give me a shout out about your plans! ;-))

From the old blog:
It’s Father’s Day 2009, and I want to say that Daddys are a special kind of man.  I know; I’ve got two, ONE whose been married to my Mama for over fifty years and MY husband who is Daddy to our children. 

D~Devoted.  Dads are this to the core.  Oh any "man" can father a child, but devotion is straight from a Daddy’s heart.  A picture tells a tale when you look at one of our wedding photos.  It’s the one of my Father walking me down the aisle. . .just "out the gate" from the back . . . a study of his face tells it all.  He’s NOT a happy man~he is "giving away" his little girl.  Daddys do this sort of thing and FEEL this sort of thing.  They are true and loyal to the core, working day in and day out to provide, protect and preserve their families. Dedication is the first D is Daddy.

A~Active  Daddys involved in their families and homes are touching the pulse of the heart of each family member. Active love, Active faith, Active care and concern are at the core of ALL that he does each moment of every day for his wife and children. Daddyism isn’t passive.  THERE’S TOO MUCH to be done! He’s going, going and gone with each child each step and mile to hear, support, guide, provide, stay alive…yeah, I think this "stay alive" applies to Daddy’s with teenagers~YIKES! But even Daddys with teeny tiny babes in arms are active to nurture and snuggle so that little bundle knows his love and care.  Active is the A is DAddy!

D~Dreaming Yeah, I said DREAMING! Where would our children be without the dreams held for their futures? Daddys thinking and praying long and hard with Mamas are considering the past, present and dreaming of futures for their people (kids), making plans, promises, and persuits.  Where there is no vision the people perish, and where there is no dreaming Daddy, the family is directionsless.  Homeschooling Daddys and Mamas know dreaming well.  It began with the decision to home educate and continues with each passing year as we evaluate and structure to meet goals and needs along the way.  In each area of the life of the family, dreaming is essential for a sound progression into the future.  Children benefit from it, thereby society benefits from it.  Dreaming is the second D in DaDdy!

D~Determined "I don’t want to!" "no" "nope" What Daddy hasn’t faced these words out of the mouth of HIS babes?  AND facing such opposition, his determination to stand in truth against such behavior is essential to the healthy setting of limits for the children in his family.  Oh opposition doesn’t just come from the children either, but this ole world is ringing and clamoring to steal what is rightfully Daddy’s own home and family, so that without solid determination, the wolf at the door might get inside to wreck and ruin the precious occupants entrusted to his care.  Daddys are stalward, strong, steel-like and striking with a stretch here or there to keep the enemy out and the family safe.  Determination is exercised in work and play~all areas. . . What man really LOVES working with the sweat of his brow all THAT much? If we humans could have a life of ease, surely man would take this option rather than labor from dawn til dusk until death comes creeping upon him. . .but determined Daddys stand the test each and every time, tempted and tried~proven and able.  Determined~yes! This is the third D in DadDy!

Y~Yielding to God  Only last because of it’s letter, yielding to God is such a crucial part of being a Daddy.  Hearing the Heavenly Father’s voice in his ear as Daddy lives out his faith before his family.  Does God speak to Daddys? Oh yes, and God’s Word is alive and applicable to everyday life for the family of which Daddys are head.  Daddys must hear and obey God to teach his children proper reverence for God~the Heavenly Father and Creator of the Universe.  Our lives speak so loudly that our children cannont hear our words.  This is very true with Daddys.  So goes the spiritual walk of Daddy~goes the walk of the family.  The Bible has many promises for the man who walks upright before God in his family, but the man with unrepented sins in his heart has the curse of the effects of sin following future generations.  The Bible says to the third and fourth. WOW~that’s somewhere around 150 years to be followed by negative effects.  But a man who walks in the ways of God training his children to follow the Lord, the blessings of a Christian family belong to him.  Daddys must yield to God, and in tern teach the ways of God to their children leading and guiding their homes.  Y is really a first priority for every DaddY!
It’s my prayer that each Daddy have a  restful and happy day today! OK Moms, help those kids honor Dad!

Friday, June 18, 2010

TOS Crew Mini-Mates~Team Lighthouse!

I've been assigned to the Team Lighthouse for a mini-crew team.  On deck is our fearless First Mate of Creative Learners, having served three years on the Crew.  Returning to the team are two Maiden Voyagers, ME and Happily Homeschooling.   Brand new Crew0mates, All American Family and Clarkclan Craziness!!  There will be ONE MORE coming soon~whooohoo! Go check out these neat blogs...

See you on the deck~

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thursday Talk'n About Teens~Forgiveness


I look up from my computer screen to see my daughter rushing into the house searching though her desk drawer.

"What are you doing?"


Nothing, right! WHAT IS SHE DOING??

"What are you looking for?"


Still searching... ... ... ... ...

I had sent them on some errands to purchase an item, mail a letter and where were the items??

"Where's the stuff?"

"WHAT stuff?"

Still searching... ... ... ... now has gone upstairs to get her money and is counting on the table... ... ... ...


"Uh...we lost it..." sad, and frantically STILL counting... ... ...

My teens lost $20 bucks today on their bikes in route to the errands. I had to exercise forgiveness because THEY DIDN'T MEAN to do this, and they had to forgive themselves...

"Mom, you don't have to pay me back..."


(They don't know I lost $20 when I was their age and got the hide torn off me..." OH yeah...I can forgive and they can too!

I am so proud of my awesome teens!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Blog Walking

Two years ago I served on the TOS Crew, and I was invited back for the third year.  It is so much fun to be with such a neat group~many who I already know.  Michelle @  Beyond Silver and Gold... suggested a "Blog Walk" for everyone to get to know the TOS Crew with loads of new faces~how cool is this?!!    And so we are strolling along, chatting and visiting each other for some get to know ya time! Whoohoo! Go check out my CrewMates and see what's happening in their neck of the woods~ Oh and I just love the names of the blogs~such creativity...all are so different~definitely cream of the crop!! whoohoo!

Second Star to the Right and Straight On Until Morning has a beautiful beach scene with her precious littles in the header~looks like the love great books and reading; I recognize quite a few of her books in the sidebar!

I like  Reaping A Harvest 
for her beautiful colors and the whole look. Something about a dandelion to evoke memories of my own childhood and the innocence of the littles.  She's got three boys~precious boys.  I also enjoyed her organization of her posting.  Neat categories!  As of date, I had trouble following her blog; will send her a message ;-))

Pink & Orange Coffee Very creative color scheme, and  I happen to LOVE these colors!   Love her tag line~go ck it out!! And think that her blog is neat.  She's doing this "walk" too...awesome!

Live, Laugh, Learn! Loving the pictures, and here's a soul mate who LOVES Cheese Cake Factory~YOU GO GIRL!! And such beautiful little girls~The littlest has gorgeous curls! Very sweet and interesting!

Family Style School I totally enjoyed reading about her littlest's first haircut~amazing pics of his Daddy cutting his hair and how GOOD he was through the whole process! Such adorable kids, and love the header with the whole family~yup, family is WHERE it's at!! Go visit this precious family!

Surviving the Testosterone Just this title alone CRACKED ME UP~not sure what I'd find...LOL...but whoola, a blog about boys/sons! I love boys~have a son...don't get me wrong, girls are awesome too,,,but something about a son! Read this mom for some humor...Never Dull literally had me laughing~precious boys!

Mrs. Mandy's Musings This is a beautiful blog with gorgeous colors and butterfly!  But what struck me first is the link addy "empty me Lord" as quite beautiful.  Oh the heart of such a cry! I am heading back to read more...JOIN ME!

Showing a tremendous sense of humor, this mom at The Fantastic Five has an really cute pic of herself~you gotta go see! AND loads of  adorable pics of her children!

Refined Metals Academy KNOWS something cool: SWAGBUCKS! will earn you neat neat neat stuff! Her adorable children take center stage and I'm excited to meet her!

Just a Moment in Time has two littles~really littles and a monkey theme, LOVE it! Sending her a BIG HUG! Go visit!

Providence Farm has my mouth watering! Whoohoo! Go check them out for some homemade goodness~healthy too!!

I'm walking, yes indeed, I'm walking!! NICE to see everybody!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

New Reviews Coming

I've been invited to rejoin The Old Schoolhouse Crew to review homeschooling products with my kids for this coming year.  This will be my second year as I was apart of the Maiden Voyage in 08-09 and took last year off.  Be sure to come back often to see what we're doing as there are many things that are lined up. In our first year we reviewed many many homeschooling products and curriculum.  Our family was so blessed because of it! NOW I'm a CrewMate~Bon Voyage! See ya on the ship!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Thursday Talk'n About Teens~Purity

Purity is a topic that every child needs to be aware of in their lives. Purity is defined as
    a) freedom from foreign admixture or deleterious matter; as, the purity of water, of wine, of drugs, of metals.
   (b) Cleanness; freedom from foulness or dirt. "The purity of a linen vesture." --Holyday.
   (c) Freedom from guilt or the defilement of sin; innocence; chastity; as, purity of heart or of life.
   (d) Freedom from any sinister or improper motives or views.
   (e) Freedom from foreign idioms, or from barbarous or improper words or phrases; as, purity of style.              [1913 Webster] Source: The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48

Recently I won a video Pamela's Prayer from  Plans4You who does TTAT (see button) and had hoped to use it with the youth at our church for a lock in, but it didn't arrive until the day after it, but since we have begun a summer program of youth group each week, I plan to use it tonight. I have watched this film and it's good.  But I must warn you that it's slow moving and the setting is definitely 1980, which will be a hoot to today's teens.  Aside from this, the message is clearly a great one.  The goal is a high and lofty one of remaining absolutely chaste including no hand to body or kissing as is the practice of many teens today.  In planning to show this film, I have come to realize that some of the kids may see this film AND ME as archaic and extreme.  But in the light of God who is ALL holiness, what's wrong with the highest of standards? Why do we set the benchmark at a low place, for successful FEEL GOOD feelings that are so popular today in our culture? I mean, today, 2010 is the only time in history it's not cool to win or strive for heights UNREACHABLE hoping to gain on what is the norm for us.  IF we had never set goals AND learned from our failures how would we have ever reached the heights we have? I am so undone with society's view that this world should be a success driven model.  I actually dislike failure, but RECOGNIZE it's value in my life. My goodness, if I had NEVER FAILED I would have never known the sweet sweet savor of success!!! With this said, our God who is high, holy and all purity has a standard while we will NEVER fully achieve it, we should be striving for it with all humility~and in His power.  STRIVING is all He asks.  Pamela's prayer shows the conflict of a high standard and the sweetness of success doing dating and marriage God's way.  Thanks Lisa for offering Pamela's Prayer on your blog and giving teens the spotlight each week.

Now about mine~they are busy working to refinish the basement with their Dad for new bedrooms.  Also my daughter has received her driving permit~whoohoo! WATCH OUT! LOL!  We are so blessed...and they are precious to us~perfect NO, but neither am I!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Growing Pains

Tomorrow my daughter will be going to the DMV to get her learner's permit~ouch! 

Friday, June 4, 2010

Thursday, June 3, 2010

How MUCH Is Too Much?

"They get enough church stuff..." when I said my kids didn't want to attend something Christian I am doing was said by a friend of mine. REALLY? ENOUGH? I don't think successful is the world in matters RELATING TO GOD when they don't spend hardly enough time with Him or doing FOR HIM? What would a person do who parents teenagers in our society but EXPECT BAD BEHAVIORS out of their teenagers rather than good ones?

I DON'T THINK SOOO...give me a break!

This world isn't functioned in well and pleasing to God with a segregated "religious" life and a secular one. NOPE~all of life is melded together~INCLUSIVE~religion/spirituality is ALL time and place...everywhere!

NO such thing as too much!

Thursay Talk'n About Teens Work Ethics~

I think we've given a FREE PASS to most kids in our country.  If you doubt me, then check out the marketing done to the teens by huge companies to capture THEIR money~did I say that? THEIR money? What money? You mean, MY money, right? It's parents who dole out the big bucks for let me see: hair, nails, cell phones, ipods, cars, car insurance, uh...designer I preaching to the choir here? Are you one who doesn't indulge your kid? Well, if you are like we are, you live on a one income living~so it's tough to hand over big buck to the kiddos for... uh... uh... frivolities! And sooo what does work ethic have to do with the  spending of teens? Teenagers who are taught how to manage money from an early age will WORK.  Oh yeah they will...and so do we for WHAT WE WANT~figure it this way: Adult WORKS~adult gets PAID.  Not too many...oops, almost a lie... there are loads of people who STILL work for what they have! Teaching our kiddos HOW to work and the value of it is INVALUABLE.  As parents, we will never worry that our kid is hungry or homeless.

My kiddos know how to work and I am very proud.  Does this mean they don't get "nice" things? Of course not! It means that they earn what they get and are quite proud of it~AND take extremely good care because of THEIR investment.

Today, both kids went out to our little garden (really a patch) weeding and caring for the plants. Later today, they will go into the basement that will be finished as new bedrooms for them (THEIR DESIRES) to begin construction.  What an investment and value they are contributing along with the vast knowledge of doing such a project!

I bet my girl won't be interested in a fella who doesn't KNOW work...I wasn't.  First thing I did was check out my hub's hands..."working mans hands..." is what I said and oh la la...I knew he had a very good quality.  When we teach our teens work ethics it will breed into future generations a love of the necessary for all areas of life.  I am so proud of their work ethics.  YOU GO girl thing One and boy thing One! Woot!!

Click on the TTAT button to read an inspiring story of a young man beginning a cottage industry~boy do I need him to do MINE! You go!


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Photo Editing Contest~My Entry...and WHAT I Did

Brent Riggs of McKlinky Blog is hosting a photo editing contest.  Now I love this sort of thing, but being as frugal as I am, I used a freebie internet resource to edit my pictures called Picnik that my teenage daughter showed me one day.  I love Picnic!! Here's the photo we were given of Brent's daughter, Abby who is so precious.  Abby is fighting cancer.  Please remember her in your prayers!
See any changes? What do you think? Abby's eyes and smile stand out to me and I wanted to highlight them as she is such an inspiration to many and a precious child of God. 

What I did was cropped the picture and rotated it.  It actually took three crops before I found what I hope show her spirit and sweetness the most, her face! I did think that the streamer and children running in the background give the photo context of why she is so happy, so I tried to leave in the school and kids running. I did like the boy who can be seen larger than the other children, but because of the cropping and limited feature in picnic in the free version, I couldn't adequately edit out the adult next to him, so he was cropped away.

To fill out Abby's precious face, I used a feature called Orton.  I used "bloom" and then used the lights.  I also used a feature that will black and white the back ground but bring up the color of a chosen focal area~for this picture, it's Abby's face.

This is the editing my daughter did. She couldn't resist...she's 15 :-)).