Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thursday Talkin' About Teens: Looking Ahead

This past week our daughter began her first job.  It's a reminder that adulthood isn't all that far away for them.  She is so excited and had such a positive experience. I am thrilled for her!

She has goals and dreams.  As her teacher, I am concerned with MY ability to prepare her for this big ole bad world.  Let's face it, I have limitations as well any human will~but I worry.  I believe I am doing right. I believe that I am giving all that I can. I believe that homeschooling is the best possible education for her~and him!

But... ... ...

Do you ever have a nagging fear that your personal abilities will fail in the final analysis of how prepared your children will be in adulthood?

I think it goes beyond worry when we have to recognize that our children are gifts from God to BE who HE designed them to be.  I mean, not only do I have limitations, but so do they.  ALL children are not destined for a space ship or an operating room with scalpel in hand!!  But all children can contribute something to this world, and well each should...

So I am looking a head, but I'm not the only

My children are looking ahead to their futures~it amazes me when they tell me about their dreams and goals...

"Yeah, Mom~how good will it look to be a published author on my resume'?" she asked me.  THEN came the discussion of self publishing and that publishing didn't necessarily mean..blah. blah, get the idea..but HERE'S a dream~a goal...a desire!

Oh it doesn't stop with writing.  "I want to live in Japan."  "You can come see me.  I will pay for your ticket," she proudly announces as she tells me further that, "I'm gonna get you a first class seat with..." and she dreams on with all sorts of (truthfully, unrealistic) amenities that would make this mama a queen!

My son has a different take on his future.  "I just might make music for my job," he says as I hear and see him faithfully go up into his room to serenade us with his trumpet.  My son just learned to play not quite two years ago, and it's amazing his level of proficiency that he has gained.  But it's been desire that has lead the way! He had piano lessons which I am sure have helped him learn the trumpet, but he NEVER loved our piano the same~oh no! It was war and fight~argue, cajole... ... ... The trumpet was HIS IDEA...his passion...just like he has developed a love for his fish pond outside.  Don't imagine a lake type pond filled with freshwater fish, but rather a black kidney shaped plastic in the ground kind with about $3 of feeder goldfish that he is training to hand feed and who are thriving!  It's so cool to see those fish growing~they have already doubled in size, but like their more expensive variety, are now near size...The fish pond has bred a love of gardening too.  He has rocks nicely landscaped around it with a few houseplants thrown in with a garden angel hovering on a small stick over the pond.

We are looking a head in perhaps one of the most nondeliberate ways.  We are purposeful though. We are pursuing and planning...but it's happening in our everyday...each and every second and action of our day with the natural life we have...

Will my children achieve their goals? HONESTLY, I don't know...but I do know this: IF they don't have a goal they most certainly will never achieve one!  So it's goals and aims... fueled by their passion, desire and abilities...Oh, let me not forget to say that God gives them and us all His power to be ABLE to do as He desire!

Today I am talkn' about teens who are looking ahead! What are your kids doing and thinking about their future(s)??

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