Thursday, July 8, 2010

FREE Stuff: Check THIS Out~

Thrifty Thursday has some cool freebies, which includes FREE food~Go check it out!  HERE! 

Would you like to learn how to live on less while maintaining your home and lifestyle?  Are you potentially facing a job loss or downsizing?  My husband and I have weathered these tough economic times way before all the turn down, and you can read my thrift blog HERE!

I offer all kinds of tips for truly living on ONE income and making it~You won't find a lot of fluff and stuff
HERE, but you will find solid old time advise for making that money shortfall work.  Some of my suggestions are pretty extreme, I admit, but they will get you by and preserve your home and well being helping you to trim unnecessary dollars or dollars you just may not have...Check out, Thriving With No Green$!
It's not a coupon or deals type blog, but rather offers solid methods for stretching your money to cover basic needs until things get better and wealth is established...all the while  Thriving With No Green$

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