Tuesday, May 4, 2010

TUES TOOLBOX~In the Garden...

It's the time of year when spring has sprung and for many of us in the western hemisphere, anyway, are experiencing pollen and loads of green with splashes of color everywhere in gorgeous flowers.  Ever consider doing a study on the flowers in your garden or yard or neighborhood or park? Flowers can be interesting to children; my, what child doesn't LOVE to pick a boquet and present them to us whether it's the prize rose from the bed or some dandelions with their yellow splendor.  I have loved getting this little surprises from my son our the years.  Often the stems were not quite long enough, but they were still so sweet.  Recently in church, I found a pressed former floral offering my son had given that now is as delicate and sweet as the day he gave it to me.  WHAT a memory too!

Soo thinking about Tuesday Toolbox for us and what we can use to teach our children, I want to suggest just these flowers in our lives. 

A whole study can be done with flowers and loads of art applications for hands-on activities can be applied as well. 

Here are the meanings of different flowers to share~

Anemone Expectation

Apple Blossom Hope, Good Fortune

Baby's Breath Innocence

Blue Periwinkle Friendship

Blue Violet Modesty, Faithfulness

Bluebells Constancy

Buttercup Cheerfulness, Desire for riches

Camellia Loveliness, Fascination

Carnation Engagement

Chrysanthemum Wealth, Truth

Daffodil Regard

Daisy Share your feelings

Edelweiss Daring, Noble Courage

Foxglove Insincerity

Freesia Innocence

Gardenia Purity, Joy

Iris Message of Faith, Wisdom

Jasmine Wealth, Grace

Lavender Distrust

Lilac First emotions of Love

Lily Majesty, Truth, Honor

Marigold Grief

Narcissus Egotism, Formality

Orange Blossom Purity, Fertility

Orchid Love, Beauty

Peach Blossom Captive

Peony Bashfulness

Pink Rose Grace

Red Poppy Consolation

Red Rose Passion

Rose Love, Joy, Beauty

Sunflower Adoration

Sweet Pea Pleasure

Tulip Love, Passion

White Poppy Sleep

White Rose Worthiness
Make some flowers using tissue or crape paper.  Instructions here!
Color some flowers on coloring sheets easy to print!
Press flowers using wax paper, a heavy book or two~select the flower to be pressed.  Place in the was paper between two sides with waxy sides facing the flower.  Put under the heavy books for at least a week or two.
Identify flowers by name using pictures!
Enjoy Spring and all its splendor teaching littles all about flowers!


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