Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Final Lap~Thursday Talking About Teenagers!

Teenagers are amazing and confusing and frustrating and growing and well...........mine are a hoot! To read an inspring story of a young man who is overcoming adversity  Check out Plans4You!  But tonight at AWANA we are in the final lap of the year.  Just when you think teens can't or won't be interested in learning God's Word some really kick it into gear.  While our Trek group is small, if you don't know about AWANA's Trek it's the Junior High ministry as part of the overal ministry of AWANA for grades 7-9th.  If you aren't familiar with AWANA it is an international ministry for all children ages 3 through highschool.  The goal of AWANA is to "reach boys and girls with the gospel of Christ and to train them to serve Him."  The acronym is A~approved W~workmen A~are N~not A~ashamed speaking of the verse II Timothy 2:15, Study to show thyself approved unto
God, a workman that needeth not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of Truth.  My kids have been in AWANA clubs for about seven  years.  Our daughter has completed seven books and will complete one and 1/2 this year!  In these handbooks are Scripture memory along with lessons that teach sound principles of the Word to give youth a grounded experience for life.  Our son has complete one book.  Both our children achieve at their rate and desire.  I could never tie this girl down from her vision.  She desire the highest award AWANA offers, the Citation.  She will accomplish it next year at 16 1/2  year if she does another book next year.  Not only are there handbooks to teach the Bible, but there is a game component with "friendly competition" and a Council Time comprised of teaching geared at the needs of youth.  Our group is small, but even the adults leaders are learners.  Congrats Darling Daughter and you go!  Check out AWANA!!


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IllinoisLori said...

Yay yay yay! You go, daughter-girl!!! We enjoyed AWANA for a number of years, then moved to a new church that's really small, so no programs or anything. But I love AWANA...many good memories! I'mm looking forward, in the next year or two, to reading the announcement that she's earned the Citation Award! And you better post a picture of her with it, LOL!!!

Lori at Plans4You
PS: I was late getting my TTAT up this morning, so I've added this post of yours to today's TTAT, which is now up. I've also left the link on last week's post, where you put it. Thanks for joining in!