Saturday, May 8, 2010

Great Expectations~

Out and about today we got hungry and headed for those golden arches for something.  When we had gotten our order, we pulled around in the parking lot to eat our "snack" when on my side mirror a little brown finch landed.  He looked and looked at me; his head turned side to side.  I immediately took notice and became amused.  Everyone thought he was cute as he continued to look at us, and then as if he could see what was on my dashboard, he head turned into the direction of the discarded food items out of the food I was consuming sitting there.  Suddenly off he jumped onto my windshield washer peering more intentily at the food items.  Did he really see what I had placed there, and was "asking" me for his share?  My mother who was riding in the passenger seat eating french fries in her meal instructed me to lower her window.  As I did, she tossed him a nicely cooled but well prepared french fry.  To our delight, Mr. Bird grabbed his bounty mid air and flew away.  Someone has fed this little fellow before! I took my left-overs and put them into the parking lot beside my truck.  I was sure that when we left he would return, perhaps with friends and family.

Isn't it fun when God's creation shows a little interest in our human activities by coming to visit?  Mr. Bird seemed to know and have an expectant spirit that we'd favor him with something from our plates.  AND he was right! We did give him a share.  We too have a spirit of expectation with God like our little friend did with us.  We often ask and keep looking and asking some more to find our Heavenly Father offering us just what we want and desire.  God is soo good, and what a joy to meet one of His little creations.


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