Monday, May 24, 2010

UnChurched and UnChristlike and UN...

Teenagers are given a bad rap and rightly so in loads of instances.  Kids who are not old enough to be responsible are RESPONSIBLE for all kinds of kidding! But I am soo undone and don't know how to think about a posing problem where a new teen who is worldly and unChristlike for sure is mentioned as "unchurched" in their behavior~well, yeah?? I mean, WHAT ELSE are we expecting, but I know if we don't see them accept Christ and TEACH THEM despite their ilks...these unchurched kids will never be "churched" much less become Christians.

And what is that when parents condone their teens who KNOW NOTHING are allowed to work in things like VBS and the like while well trained teens are in classes LEARNING and these teens who are allowed to be leaders don't learn but "lead"???? OH YEAH, right! Seems like these are the same kids who will be the NEXT DEACONS and SS TEACHERS because they are "churched" GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, I'm incensed! This is nuts! WHERE DO KIDS GET BY without being taught who get to lead? Only in our churches. ONLY...Somebody STOP this madness, OK?
No wonder the faith isn't going forward~we've FAILED to train the next generation but let them "lead."

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