Monday, May 3, 2010

DRAMA Queen and KING?

The play was a success! Center Stage Productions has donated over $50K to the Holland Theater of Bellefountain OH for restoration of its turn of the 20th Century facility and has performed two productions for several years.  With homeschooled teenagers from across central Ohio and parents supporting under the directorships of Thelma and Paula (homeschool moms), The Phantom Tollbooth was imho, really good! Take a look at some of the set and "characters." BTW~my girl and boy were in this one too...whoohoo!

The Phantom Tollbooth~
Daughter is center stage. She is a "Word Merchant."

Costume Crew member practicing that hand sewing for The Phantom Tollbooth! whoohoo!

The set of The Phantom Tollbooth~

Building Crew working...

Cast performing...


Make Up Crew's work...

Having teenagers can bring loads of FUN~DRAMA in your life is just a small part of what you get. I like the quote I saw, "Raising teenagers is like NAILING jello to a tree!" LOVE IT!

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