Friday, May 14, 2010

Teenage EXCUSES?

I am appalled at what I am calling "Teenage Excuses." We give these to our kids all the time, in fact I hear them on a frequent basis coming out of parents, grandparents, teachers, and the like regarding young people in the teen years, "ah, you know, they're teenagers!" or "kids!" or "Well, it's their being teenagers!"


Teenagers do NOT have an automatic pass-go for doing WRONG!  NO, they do not!

Why do we GIVE them one?

I know that the freedom that teenagers desire and in many instances require as they learn to make good choices for their lives can be hard for a parent.  We don't ALWAYS agree with their choices, but to EXPECT wrong and evil? Come on mothers and daddys!

If we expect a lower standard of behavior, we will certainly GET IT!

Are we asking our children to live in a correct manner with good habits, skills, practices and desires so that as they mature they are well able to live to please not just parents and society, but God?  This is crucial for our young people.  In generations past, this sub-class of society~TEENAGER-HOOD was nonexistent.  When children matured physically they were give the rights, duties and responsibilities of adulthood.  TAKE HIST
ORY as far back as you would like. It's been true all but the last 150 or so years.  So WHAT ARE WE DOING in giving our children a license to do wrong both morally, spiritually and physically? MAKES NO SENSE!

I've found myself into this trap and pattern with great kids who, yeah, are not perfect as no kids are, but who basically are good, kind, caring and RESPONSIBLE young people.  When I look at them and see their maturity and what they carry each day in responsibility and honor I am amazed.  Sooo I ask us all about our attitudes and language.  What are we doing to our teens with what we think and say?

Let's honor our teens and expect the right things and let our attitudes and WORDS speak the good values and duty that as adults they will need for LIFE!

I'm loving my teens today! Love yours too and begin with little people...because they DO grow up...

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