Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Follow Up on the Writing Class ONLINE

I am really disliking online stuff about now.  Frankly the hassles associated with online purchasing, logging in and TECH stuff is prohibitive imho to a sane and well balanced schooling experience.  Who needs a class that the voice of the teacher begins echoing or double speaking INTERMITTANTLY without warning of its coming and going to try to learn and reinforce materials? NO ONE! I am no longer endorsing online classes PERIOD.  You can read about our experience HERE with HOPEFULNESS of yesterday when we attended an online writing class for the high school essay which was overall not "that" bad, but the three times that audio bounced and garbled were distractive, but to add that the teacher did not respond to an email to discuss what could possibly help this situation and then when contacting technical support and finding a continued labrinthe of solutions~it's too much! WHO needs this? NOT ME!

Please please be cautious where you spend your time and money.  Tried and true is just that...and all these folks looking to secure a piece of the financial pie without really having solid supports in place end up just robbing good people. I am getting a refund for this class, but you can bet your sweet apples and oranges that SisterT won't do this again! NOPE, not me...

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