Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thursay Talk'n About Teens~Sibling "Rivalry?"

Teens are generally noted for all kinds of bad behavior.  BAD meaning awful, disgusting, rude, unthinking and plain stupid, NOT the "BAD" many of us grew up with in the MJ song, BAD as a badge of courage and valor.  But ALL teenagers are not equal in their behaviors and ALL teens must not be excused as if the teen years are a time to EXPECT negatives from them.  I hate hearing when people say, "Oh they're teenagers!" or "It's a teen thing..." or some other excuse for the ugly and profane.  True, that the teen years are a time of learning, exploration and growth, but we can safely say that teens don't HAVE to be awful in their behaviors.
Frankly, I expect MINE to be good and wholesome.  Don't get SisterT wrong, my kids are like many in that they are not perfect mini adults with never a glitch or hitch.  But on the whole they are GREAT kids! So far, Praise God, so good!  Now a point of bragging goes with this idea of sibling rivalry.  How many teens actually GET ALONG with their sibs? I fought with mine.  Did you with yours? Fighting and disagreements is almost an expected TEENAGEHOOD norm in many many households, but let me say that in homeschooled families siblings are closer. Yeah, they are! The sibs are their first and foremost connection to the world and hold higher place to outside friends which become important, but not in an unbalanced way.  Sibs are IT for homeschooled kids in many many instances.

I had share about our daughter in AWANA pursuing the award, Meritorious which signifies the completion of 6 AWANA handbooks over around 6 years of work.  Now to explain, YESSSS she did complete this goal last night, but I want you to know that her brother who has done two books in the same time period was in full support in a very loving way.  It was crunch time for her and she needed some help with chores and other responsibilities.  GUESS WHO helped? Yep~little BRO! I am so proud of him to freely give of himself in love in the way of service to his sister.  Many times my children will help each other out when they either one will need it.  They will hang together and see to it that each has whatever the other needs or often desires.  It's really fun to see such love and care, when the reputation of many teens is just the opposite.

Sibling rivalry is really reduced as a result of home eduction.  This is just a by product of the socialization in the home where the family unit is tight and closely associated.  Head on over to Plans4You  to read some cool stuff about cool teenagers!!

Here's to teens WORKING together! Woot woot!

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IllinoisLori said...

Congrats to your daughter on that achievement! And way to go to her little brother, too. I always told my sons that the longest relationship they will share in their lifetime, assuming everyone lives to a full life expectancy, will not be with me, or their wives, or their own kids...but with each other, with their brother. It is a special relationship, and the world does tear it down with age-segregated classrooms. The church ought to take a good long look at its own age-segregating practices, too. Sunday school, awanas, youth groups...all mirror the age segregation model of the schools, and we need to ask that HARD question...why do it?

Thanks for sharing!