Friday, May 21, 2010

Thursday Talk'n Teenagers~Ambitions

My daughter came home last week with a community flyer for the local fireman's fundraiser, a 5K and little did I know she and her brother want to run in it.  Whew! What next? I know it's a great cause, but my kids aren't runners.  I mean, they could be runners, but they don't run on a regular basis...but now they have planned their own training to do it and quick because the date is July10th!! I am so amazed at their drive and ambition.  Running over three miles much less WALKING this distance amazes me!  Sooo it's out the door each day to either walk or run~they ran over a mile the first day to come home and tell me how OUT OF SHAPE they were~OK, for this fat mama, running a mile no matter HOW out of breath is impressive!! So you go kids! Run your hearts out! And you can bet one thing, I will be there rooting at the finish line~oh yeah!!


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