Saturday, October 10, 2009

Writing Strategy #3 Pushing On...

Sometimes we just have to keep going! I have tried all kinds of things with our learner.  Trial and error is expected when we know each child is different so a different method may or may not work.  Each child has a unique learning style.  You can study these styles so you know how your child does and does not learn.  My son is now able to tell me his learning preference.  I do want to say that learning preferences does not mean we give into them daughter who has trouble following audio needs more practice taking dictation and notes on lectures.  My son who has trouble with his writing needs to write more.  Just because there is an area of difficulty it does not mean we give into the weakness! We must press on~push on to victory to reach our child's potential. 

Once I have set goals for my child, I have discussed them with him.  They really are HIS goals, not mine! If he is not engaged and willing, no goals or process will make him learn. 

Here is an example of a goal I have set for my son for this year.  It has various levels, but overall this is the goal:
Boy Thing One can write a five paragraph essay with minimal help to the completion on Friday using all the steps of essay writing.  He will understand proper punctuation, grammar and spelling, along with capitalization and format. 

NOW this is a tall order!

Yeah, you're right!

It goes like this:
After I assign either a topic or a reading assignment for a topic:
Ex. John Smith

Write five facts answering each question.  Do research by looking him up online and in the encyclopedias.  You may use the library too.

Who is Johh Smith?
What did John Smith do?
Why do we need to know about John Smith?

 Organize the facts under each question in order of most important to least important.

Write an introduction paragraph. Use a topic sentence which tells what your essay is about. Give the three main points presented in the three paragraphs~who he was, what he did and why we need to know about him.  Turn the facts into sentences and write three paragraphs using them.  Keep them in the order of the sentences. Call this papaer Draft I. When you are done, go to another task.  When finished, come back and read each sentence backward starting at the bottom of the page. FIND any errors and correct them all.  Bring your preEssay to me for me to go over it with you.

Add the closing paragraph to your essay.  ReState all your main ideas about John Smith.  This becomes Draft 2. Go over your paper gain.  Find all he mistakes and corect them.  Bring the paper to me for my editing. This becomes Draft 3.

Final paper day.  After I have edited with you, go back and rewrite the entire essay!
This becomes your final draft and upon which I will grade.

I always staple in order the progression with the final paper on top.  I brag about everything good on the appearance, structure, layout, format, sentences, meanings, orgainzation, penmanship..EVERYTHING! Liberal praise, limited correction.

A child going into a crying jag or melt down is in overload.  Relieve overload by allowing your child to set in a chair or put the heads down.  Pushing on isn't productive unless he is ready!  Learning is active and engaged...
Here's just what I am doing to teach the process~What are you doing?

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