Thursday, October 15, 2009

Everyone is Special!

I was offered Someplace Called Special produced by The Old Schoolhouse Magazine for review.

This is a heartwarming source of encouragement for parents of children who experience challenges, often living within the label of "special needs."  This is a compilation of the stories of ten Moms who share from their perspective what it's like and how they are blessed by their child.  In eBook, easy to navigate form, you will find honesty and hope concerning children with differences, "special needs."

Included are:
Aspburger's Syndrome
Cerebral Palsy
Sensory Processing Disorder
Down's Syndrome

(Please note that there are other differences discussed as generally there are accompanying issues within these diagnosis presentations.)

Within the eBook, there are links to each diagnosis giving readers clear meanings of them along with many interventions that are discussed.  The Moms discuss opening what they have tried, what works and what has not with their children. 

Along with the stories, there is a section of 10 reasons for to homeschool a special learner with explanations! IEP (Individualized Educational Plans) are discussed as well as public schol and private interventions.  Specific insights are shared in a question and answer formate that will inform of the benefits of homeschooling special needs kids. 

I find Someplace Called Special a must read for any parent, Mom or Dad navigating the waters of differences in their special needs child.  As a Mom of special learners, I can identify with some of these Mom's experiences, struggles and perspectives.  "Been there and done that" in some of the areas discussed!  After years of educating and being in the trenches myself,

I found NEW information that I had not previously attained!  Check out this resource!

If you are not the parent of a special learner, but want to know more, you can also benefit by a greater understanding of the issues involved and what the real needs of children can be beyond a label.  As I was reading, I remembered a situation where our special learner was "friends" with a child who showed insensitivity to the special needs issue, and think that if everyone could read a book or find some way to understand, much could be gained for everyone involved!

Someplace Called Special is such a book  for understanding!  Normal is just a town in IL, not anywhere I've personally been or most anyone I know as been...We are all "different," and as has been pointed out by contributing author, Heather Allen, everyone has special needs!

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Yours for ALL of us with differences, "special needs,"

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