Friday, October 16, 2009


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Full color
200 plus pages
inspiring authors (boy I could crow about these...names like Ken Ham, Ruth Beechick, Amanda Bennett, Terri Johnson~AMAZING authors~also a section called, "Show & Tell" where YOU can submit your story~or read other's stories...This is encouragement~I AM NOT ALONE, neither are YOU!)

products~DEALS (Reviews: You will want to read to investigate a product before you buy...there's even a "Try Before You Buy" edition each year...OH Yeah!!!! Coupons, and codes...TOS has it all!)

and MORE...(Like contests? Each edition there's an "Apple Count" with prizes...count the apples placed throughout the magazine and be the first to give the correct number...whoo hoo! This is fun~and there are others contests often...Don't miss out!)

Each season, I look soooooo forward to receiving this "dose of encouragement" in the mail. 

Subscribe or RENEW! 

YOU won't be sorry! THIS IS A MUST HAVE!!
I ordered a renewal for me and a girlfriend for Christmas! What JOY to be able to share every quarter some love and encouragement with a fellow sister who is homeschooling her precious littles! You can do this too!

Just CLICK on the Magazine~ ;-))  
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