Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The 3 R's are some of the most important academic work we will do as homeschoolers with our children.  Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic are essential foundations to all the other disciplines.

It's my personal challenge to bring a child with learning issues to a place of competency in the area of language.  Raising a child with language learning deficits where speaking wasn't the only challenge, reading and writing have been huge as well.  I read and used all sorts of materials to make progress; there's been professional testing and interventions too! We turned every stone possible to understand our child and the challenges.  It's not been easy, and often the desire to throw up my hands in defeat have consumed me.  The challenge is not mine alone, as he must recognize it and battle to become all he can become!  He must become successful to compete in this world.  My child has made tremendous strides in the past year plus! He is writing essays, while not where I would like to see him, he is putting down ideas on paper and learning the fine points of grammar and organization.  Because of the difficulties, he is easily frustrated and becomes resistant.  I want to share some of the strategy I have developed for him with the help of a dear teacher friend of mine who is in special education.  She has been a wonderful sideline supporter of me and my children, an ear and friend~a sister/coolest aunt ever in our hearts! Thanks, my friend for loving us!

What are you doing to help your child? Do you have challenges that are puzzling? I'd love to hear.

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