Thursday, October 1, 2009

HOPE~It's Where We Start. . .

Since homeschooling is a journey for each family that will change over time whether it's adding a new baby or as our children age, where do we begin? The process is as important as the end result, but the beginning is the underpinning to the whole adventure!


It is hope that propells most of us in home educating our children.  Why can't the nay-sayers understand that we are not some deviant bunch of anti-social do gooders who guard dog our kids from society?  Can't they see the results of children who are socialized in such a way that they become well grounded and productive citizens in our society, not participating in the social ilks that plague it?  But since the nay sayers can not see our intentions, but rather our actions, we must press on~in hope for our children's futures.   

HOPE is where we all began with dreams and prayers that tomorrow will be better for our family, that our family will be loving, loyal, tighnight, bonded, sound, faithful, honest, good and godly.  HOPE. . .the wings that have helped us upward towards such lofty goals in the hearts of each mother and daddy as we press on.  Pressing often through tough circumstances such as illness or finances, but continuing in HOPE~seeing and believing with hope!

The naysayer can not see what under girds the homeschool effort, will be able to recognize the result of years of faithful diligence in educating the children entrusted to us.  AND what does HOPE look like in the life of homeschoolers? It's moms continuing to do the job day in and day out, loving, instructing, and enjoying the family~each unique little person God has entrusted to her care, and daddys the same, in his own unique role as DAD of the family. . .each family as God designed. . .going forth in HOPE for those dreams and goals, those heights to be attained!

We are all on different places on the journey, but one thing I know, we all began in HOPE~and with God, HOPE continues to carry us forward, onward and upward!
blessings as we continue in HOPE~

(The baby is my friend's grandbaby born just a few weeks ago.)

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Vanessa said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. My sister in law home schools, and always loves reading about other people's journeys with it. She does bible based programs, right now it's just my 11 year old nephew. She has four kids, and three are under four years old. I haven't got my ring yet. I think he is just trying to drive me nuts lol. Our 3 year anniversary is on Christmas Eve so I think it will be then.