Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Homeschooling ATTACKED in Book~

The book, Write These Laws on Your Children: Inside the World of Conservative Christian Homeschooling by Robert Kuzman of Indiana State University is noted to be a book that's created much looking into the world of conservative Christian homeschooling.  Mr. Kunzman  in his interview on State of Belief, the radio show of Interfaith Alliance with Welton Gaddy says that he followed six families over time from CA to TN to see what trends and differences there are in homeschooling in these families.  I have not read this book, but I would like to read all of his "insights" as I fit into or identify with the description of a "conservative Christian homeschooling family."

Please be aware that there are apparently people in our society who have concerns to the extent that they are looking into and critiquing home ed~one noted fact is that homeschooling as per the radio interview on State of Belief is that the trend to homeschooling rose by 75% while public education only rose by 12% in the last year! Wonder WHY???  In this radio interview (almost 1/3 through the radio bar, first one) you will hear what is outrageous and unbelievable in an attack on Christianity and home education.  There is a distinction made for the secularists who homeschool.  They discussed an apparent distrust of public education and that homeschooling encompasses the entire life of the family, as well as  HSLDA, Michael Farris and the Generation Joshua which is a political activist homeschooling group in negative tones.   

This is a MUST listen interview!

I hope that you are aware that there are forces at work to deny Christians the liberties of faith: distinctive faith and values.  The concerns voiced over the ability of children to interact in diversity and the position homeschooling  was discussed, it was not seen as a necessarily positive thing. 

Please, pray for our nation's leaders and those who seek to remove our parental rights to train our children.  I have often wondered as I wrote my post questioning where is the EVIDENCE that homeschooling is bad? If you will take the time, please fill out my survey on homeschooling results and send others here to do it as well.  The fight is on, and we must understand that while we are neither understood nor appreciated for our efforts to raise good citizens of our nation.

Thank you to Home Education Magazine for bringing this book and now radio interview to light.


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