Saturday, October 17, 2009

Importance of Reading

Are you a book lover? I hate to admit this, but my book cases have overflowed, and now my hubby has built some new ones that are double deep~meaning they are five book cases two wide horizontally with three in the front that slide back and forth so that we can shelve all of our books! Recently as we were shelving and cataloging them~oh now this was a pain, I pulled out about 200 from our collection. We have found books to be very important in our lives. I remember reading information sheets encouraging reading to the children and parents to demonstrate a value for reading.  Too late!  We already loved books!

Reading is crucial for a child in ways unimaginable!

Reading builds vocabulary skills,listening skills, writing skills, speech skills, cognitive processes and more!

When our children were little, we read Dr. Suess's ABC  so much we ALL could recite it by heart! I love that book to this day, and look forward to reading it to my grandchildren!

If you have a young child, read to your little person. Talk to your little person and teach them to love books! Of course the love for reading is developed over time and with skill. Children learn  to read when they want to KNOW the story~the book's contents! Frequent library trips, read alouds, books on tape, mp3 download stories for children all develop those wonderful skills!

My friend N. told me about her family's study of Eric Carle's The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Tonight her children saw the caterpillar emerge from its cocoon. I heard the wonderment and joy of her young children who witnessed their little caterpillar changing into the beautiful moth or butterfly it was becoming.

THIS IS HOMESCHOOLING at its best!!!!!!!!

Read, Read, Read, and Read some more! 
You can't read enough to your children!

If you are like me and have older children who are independent learners, have them read to you.  I continued reading to them until last year, but on occasion I STILL read to them! I use audio books and downloads as well as dictation to hone in those listening skills for strengthening in auditory processing!

Do you need the mega book case?
Do you make trips to the library?
Do you have a co-op resource for books?

Tap it! 

The importance of reading can't be overstated! AND in a few years, you will see your own littles emerge from their cocoons and stretching their wings to flight as beautiful creatures of joy and delight!

Reading is Fantastic! Oh wait, I need my book . . .
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