Friday, October 2, 2009

It's The End of The Line~Finishing UP!

Beginning our journey in homeschooling in HOPE~just where do we want to be when we are done?  DONE! Just the word makes me tremble inside, not because I want them gone or don't want to finish, it's the awesome responsibility that I have to do a good job~to "finish well" with them and for them that has me feeling so! But the HOPE is wrapped up in dreams and processes that will bring us to the finish line~final days, hours and minutes of home education~but really the learning NEVER will stop nor will the parenting~Like my mother of almost seventy likes to remind this mid-forty gal~YOU WILL ALWAYS BE MY CHILD~and I will always KNOW more than you! Such wisdom, but I remember when I did not believe such was posssible, that I would NEVER know as much as my Mama~she's always going to have lived and expereinced more than me. . .so much knowledge and judgement!

Our children will find this out one day too, if they haven't already.  When they were young, we were their heroes, but now in the teen years I am seeing the rise of their own independence and's not all bad~tough as the teen years are for so many reasons!  But where does this all lead us?

Our children and ourselves must come together as families to discover their dreams and goals for the journey and finish of homeschooling in their lives! We cannot educate them if they refuse, nor can they become educated as well without parents.  It's a partnership to the FINISH LINE~to the end of it. 

Goals, dreams wrapped in HOPE will bring about processes to get to the end.  Just like a good athlete, measurable goals and marks are set and strived for~reached for~desired!

Where do we want to end up?  Do our children share our desires and vision?  It starts here and ends somewhere down the road after all the effort and time has passed. . .but HOPE will remain for the future; it won't leave just because one stop along our journey is completed.  Oh no! HOPE will continue to be with us as long as life gives rise to breath and we continue to move. . .forward. . .

Finishing up? Just beginning?  HOPE won't leave even after...happily ever after...

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