Saturday, May 28, 2011

TOP TEN TOS CREW Rewiew Team Products of 2010-11

What a year it's been and it's hard to think how fast it's come and gone! So many changes in my life such as K12 in our lives and also all the house remodeling~the joys and stresses of it all...and doing the homeschooling product reviews in the mix.  Blogging a bunch...and working on my health...WHAT a combination! LOL

I've been asked to compile a top ten and rank in order the products I believe are the BEST of the BEST for our family~We saw some really great stuff roll across our lives this year...
 Drum Roll, please~

Positive Action For Christ~Life of Christ (Gospel of John)
Yesterday's Classics
Wits and Wagers
Who Is God?

Bucket's O Fun~YUCK!
Lanschool technologies
Professor in a Box's Intro to Accounting course
Reading From the Heart
Considering God's Creation
Math Tutor DVDs
IEW's Teaching Writing With Style and Structure HANDS DOWN was the best for us!

DARE SAY I have a dozen...LOL!  Well, it was a great year with all the cool and VARIED STUFF we reviewed! Wasn't bored a bit...There are a few digital products here...but overall, I prefer the in hand stuff...unless it was a program, such as Lanschool...loved Lanschool and found it very useful! WonderMaps comes into play with digital also..but it has so many applications~amazing!  One more digital we loved is Yesterday's Classics...a whole book shelf in a download! Whoot! One more,! Make that two...

Virtual Nerd was awesome!
and who didn't love Speekee....and Jim! LOL...just loved that purple guy and the Spanish instruction! Still want to sing those songs!! ;-))

Okay that's a WRAP on the Top 10~ha! Top HOW MANY???

Head over to the CREW to see what they say              !  What was your you have these~want these???  I'm on my way to a big book sale where I'm cleaning out all things..okay most things homeschooling...


Laura O in AK said...

I need to make my "top ten" list, too. Can you believe I forgot to VOTE for the Crew favorites this year???

The Unsell Family said...

Loved hearing what your top 10 were!