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REVIEW: The Insitute For Exellence in Writing~Teaching Writing Structure and Style AND Student Writing Intensive C AND Portable Walls

IEW: Teaching Writing: Structure and Style
IEW:  Student Writing Intensive Group C
IEW: Portable Walls
Website: HERE!
Ages:  9th GR and up (High School)
Price: $239.00

I received IEW: Teaching Writing: Structure and Style and IEW:  Student Writing Intensive Group C as part of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine's Crew review group in exchange for my honest opinions without monetary compensation. My opinions are my own.

Writing is one of those subjects that it takes some pretty strong know-how to pull off UNLESS you have a solid  curriculum behind you.  Having worked over the years on my own writing and then just shuddering when trying to convey the needed information and skills to my own children, I have honestly tried and RETRIED so many things to end them in unneeded frustrations. 

When I received the Institute for Excellence in Writing's complete curriculum for teaching Student Writing Intensive Group Level C (SWI~LC)writing I was so excited! In truth, it has been a dream come true.  I was sent the text and dvd lessons for this level~there's A, B and C available.  Included was the Teaching Writing: Structure and Style (TWSS) as well as the Portable Walls.  Of course, when I opened the box from IEW, I was so excited, and in looking it all over I noted how beautiful it is too: each part of the product is colorful and appears well made.  The Portable Walls is sturdy wipe- coated professional full color tri folding 11.5X14 paper.  All these are used in coordination to teach the high school level of writing.

What's really cool is all the resouces IEW has available for homeschool parents to teach our children.  There are teacher dvd in a seminar just for us to help us teach and guide our student into developing their writing to a much higher potential! Hearing Andrew Pudewa tell how IEW came to offer such wonderful resources really makes sense to me~that a college professor saw a GREAT need in his students as they struggled to write for just grew from there as other professionals joined in and then IEW's teaching writing seminars were developed and designed. EVER WISH you could be taught to teach writing? This is the FANTASTIC THING about this curriculum...and as in my instance, your kiddos can learn this too~LET THEM watch it if they are older for sure! WHY STRUGGLE? I mean, I've certainly struggled, and SisterT won't 'go there' to include all the names of the writing products I've used over the years! NO I won't, but you have to know that this IS the best of the best! I believe this!

I don't  believe you will find a better writing curriculum for your up and coming writer! After working through and listening to this systematic program I found that writing really wasn't as hard to teach as it has seemed. With the teacher training and student focused program, The Institute for Excellence in Writing materials literally taught themselves! HOW cool is that?

Not only does IEW have three levels: the Elementary Level A; Middle School Level B and High School Level C, there are continued studies available as well as additional resources! I LOVE that there are FREEbies on the 
such as a weekly webinar and even free download eBooks or mp3 downloads! You can't go wrong..even a Yahoo group! There is LOADS of support to help us teach our children the valuable skill of writing.

There's more~Mr. Pudewa is funny and engaging! NO BORING stuff here! Everything is done very well and laid out in an easy to follow format.  Each part comes in a 3-ring binder that really makes the materials user friendly! I like this too~

I highly recommend this curriculum to teach your child. IT'S GREAT!

The CREW has reviewed various levels from the Elementary, Middle and Upper grades.  You can read those reviews HERE!

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