Tuesday, May 3, 2011


You have to know that SisterT is all about thrift, bargain hunting and KNOWING A GREAT DEAL~

I have to share~UNSOLICITED/UNASKED/ TOTALLY ON MY OWN endorsement of WaterWise who makes water distillers~and we have one...have had it about five years now AND TOTALLY LOVE IT! It is a countertop distiller model that makes a gallon at a time for about a quarter which is about 75% savings over buying it~AND  we don't waste plastic jugs this way but reuse our storage containers for our water...GOOD for the landfill issue!! BUT THE BEST thing is the distiller~how well it 'makes' good PURE clean water..the taste is divine...AND THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE ROCKS!!! TOTALLY ROCKS! Let me share what I know..Our purifier malfunctioned last fall~yup..it did.  And so we contacted and sent it back and paid/promptlly receiving it back and then about two mos later~it died again. Now you gotta know that by now, we're wondering if our distiller is really TOAST and if we'll have to shell out huge bucks (for us that sum is huge!) to replace it...well, NOOOOOOO...I contacted the customer service dept and they said to ship it back...by now, SisterT is drumming her nails on the counter...but guess what? Yesterday it arrived BACK ALL NEW and ...well,...NEW!  I am so excited! What a blessing! And I can't say enough! If we get five more years out of it~WOW!!

Okay, do you wanna SEE what you're drinking ~THE STUFF that's in your water?? DISTILL...you will NEVER think of water the same way again~(In our water, it's literally sludge and BROWN...no kidding!)

Here's the link to the site
THANKS WaterWise!

SisterT ;-))

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