Wednesday, May 18, 2011

REVIEW: Mad Dog Math

Mad Dog Math
 Ages: Preschool & up
Price: $19.99-$39.99
I say:  I like this!

I received a trial version of Mad Dog Math as part of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Crew review team in exchange for my honest opinions without monetary compensation. My opinions are my own.

BASIC MATH SKILLS are a must for anyone who wishes any kind of success in the world. Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division in lightening speed using strong mental math skills will make all higher level math go so much faster!  Mad Dog Math makes learning these basic skills FUN and you can rest from using the flash cards and all the grueling processes of the past.  Want your kids to LOVE math at a young age? Try Mad Dog Math~and you can sign up for the FREE trail period too HERE!

There are three levels in the program: Level 1, 2 3 and Challenge.  The levels progress in complexity and number of math problems.  Challenge is where combinations can be set within the various families of problems.  There's a timer that can be set as well~30 seconds to unlimited time!

It's a colorful interactive basic skill builder that is software you download on your computer. There are two versions for varying memory amounts so you can read how to ck that on your own system. It was easy for me to navigate~IF I CAN, you will be able to...I am so techno challenged in this way!

While doing the levels, I began thinking that there might be some slight limits to this system, that a child's time might be increased based on their level of typing skill in the area of speed and accuracy. But on further thinking and practice, guess what? If practiced a good deal, typing speed and accuracy will undoubtly increase as well as their mental math skills...  More practice in the numbers area of the keyboard as well as working within the number families will increase that speed!  Soo what's NOT to like?  Just be aware that your child's actual time might be slower at first...but with practice, WATCH their time decrease! Soo cool! Really, this is hitting two birds with one stone and a built in bonus!

Wish I had had Mad Dog Math way way back when mine were littles...WISH I could have had it myself. I can't tell you HOW terrible it was to struggle through those multiplication tables way back in third grade...It was awful.

Want to spare your child and yourself some distress? Mad Dog Math will do the trick and teach these essential skills painlessly and with FUN!

The Crew reviewed it and you can read about itHERE!

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