Wednesday, May 25, 2011

REVIEW: Considering God's Creation

Considering God's Creation
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I say:
We LOVED this study!

I received Considering God's Creation from Eagel's Wings Educational Materials as part of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Crew review team in exchange for my honest opinions without monetary compensation. My opinions are my own.

I love this science curriculum! In fact, it's the best thing I know of that can be used for young child just as it is and added to for the older grades for a wonderful study on the things God made on the six days of His creation.  It's multi modality format with hands on activities and questions for extended study~Really it's an overall good science overview..think about it~

What happened on those days?

Based on each individual day, you will launch into studies that will in many ways become a general science overview~with the creation of the sun, moon, stars, outer space, planets, sun and moon will all be studied...With the plants there is study for various characteristics of botony...with the animals you have all kinds of things and with man~the human body takes center stage!  I don't want to spoil this for you, but trust me, I know that this is a good unit study resource with a teacher's book and student workbook where you can use the materials to teach as is or go much deeper.  There's a CD of songs to reinforce the information in a fun way~

There's enough here~for a whole year OR you can teach each for longer periods and go longer!  This is a great resource and I used it when my children were second and first graders.  I was excited to get to see it again and we were able to delve in much deeper this time as high schoolers.  I do say that you need to add things though to make it more high school credit worthy, though it is a good spine and could easily be used for a family with multiple ages and stages.  We also own Remembering God's Awesome Acts!  Whohoo!!

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