Thursday, May 5, 2011

REVIEW: Yesterday's Classics~Ebooks for EPUB or KIndle

Yesterday's Classics
PRICE: Sale going on $99 until 5/31
AGES:  preschool-HS
I say: I adore these books!! ALL 225 of them!

I received a download of the books offered by Yesterday's Classics and given instructions on how to download a reader for PC as part of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Crew review team in exchange for my honest opinion without monetary compensation.  My opinions are my own.

I LOVE the older books~the books written well and for the classical child's mind and heart!  I've long been an advocate of the free online classic books through Baldwin Children's Literature Project and also Project Guttenberg as well~love them and we've used quite a few titles over the years for our homeschooling to add to our history studies. Okay, here's a plug for Librivox which has free public domain audio books available.  I especially loved This Country of Ours, and we read this one in our US history studies~my kids loved the read aloud and they were upper elementary school at the time.  Let me say that the free version was hard to keep track of as far as not being able to mark our place.  Also I had my daughter read a good deal of it and it was difficult reading it online.  But if we could have had a printed version it would have made it easier to follow~Yesterday's Classics offers printed books as well as beautifully format EPUB and Kindle Ereader versions!  We're hooked!

Let me tell you what these books will do for your homeschool.  If you are a history lover or want your children to love history so much more than we all did growing up, then finding the books written for children with historical background and context is the way to go.  I definitely used these books to teach my children in ways that were interesting and productive! There's ancient history, Roman history, Middle Ages and more~it's awesome, and if you are like me with bulging book cases, you will see that an easy on the go eBook version will work very well~it's amazing how much space this will save ...AND THE CLEANING! woot! You all KNOW SisterT isn't about 'cleaning'! LOL...

Inside credit of one of the books~
Yesterday’s Classics is the publishing arm of the Baldwin Online
Children’s Literature Project which presents the complete text of hundreds of classic books for children at

These are out of print, hard to find children's books from 1880 to 1920 with many titles available! New titles are published regularly.

You can find books listed by subject, author or title~
World History
Hero tales

IF you have to have printed books this is about the print books from the website:

All our titles are offered in high-quality paperback editions, with text cast in modern easy-to-read type for today's readers. The illustrations from the original volumes have been included except in those few cases where the quality of the original images was too low to make their reproduction feasible. Except where noted, color illustrations in the original volumes are rendered in black and white in these editions.
But for those who want freedom from shelf maintenance, the eBook is the way to go~An easy download is all you do plus set up for a free EPUB reader as well which I easily got from the web and installed. ;-)) Here's the link for the one I used:
Adobe Digital Editions

Customer service is excellent as well! You won't go wrong in exposing your children to such great titles. You can check out what they offer by subject!

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