Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Little Bragging IF Ya Don't Mind~and a GiveAway (READ ON!)

Oh boy! I am just overjoyed with such a blessing as I have WON an incredible giveAway today~the Corel Paint It!~I am thinking the Lord, who knows the desires of my heart has smiled and blessed me with this incredible gift!! I LOVE photo editing! I have PLAYED with photo editing, but never owned any really good software~oh yeah, noowww this has changed!!!

Thank You~                  
Under the Golden Apple Tree for offering such a wonderful giveAway!

When it can't get better,  I have have to tell ya that I just received in the mail a wonderful gift from my fellow blogger buddy (former CREWmate),
Ladybug Chronicles who has hosted a Crafting Pay It Forward on her blog...Here!

My friend is an incredible stamper/crafter/scrapbooker and I had NO idea (but secretly HOPED) for some of her handmade cards~wooola~ ~ gorgeous cards from my incredible friend... NO DOUBT, they were made especially for me!

(I KNOW I'm braggn'~but being so blessed make the BIG GRIN on my face needs an explanation~

I have wonderful friends and a fantastic God! 

Here's a huge plug for joining up in the contests and giveAways: YOU WON'T WIN if you don't enter~ sooo yeah, come on~join in this fun...

and guess WHAT?

I am hosting a Crafting Pay It Forward too~
Head on over
HERE!! to enter~Don't be left out!

Join in the fun~there will be FIVE WINNERS~come on!

ARE YOU curious 
     WHAT I will make JUST for you??? 

(HINT: I am not a card maker!)



Bethany from Confessions of an Organized Homeschool Mom said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. Nice to "see" you again this year, too.

Jennifer said...

OK, yes, I am curious what you'll make for me, so please consider this my crafty pay it forward entry!