Wednesday, July 7, 2010

GiveAway BLOG: Audrey's Giveaways

Go check Audrey out...she's giving away ALL kinds of stuff~and hey, THIS IS GREAT!

I can't resist~she's got a GiveAway LINKY~oh yeah...
GiveAway LInky with 69 giveaways just this week!! WHOOHOO!
$25 Gift Card to Sparkle~Go see her blog!!


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Sheri said...

Hey on the blog walk here and wanted to pop over and say hello old pal...glad you are back on the crew! Have a great year too!

OH, and for the TT math, I have read (but don't own em so can only go by what i have seen) that the TT are somewhat below in skill levels, so they may not be as meaty as you need. I have used Saxon (which tons of folks do not like) and am trying the Life of Fred this year. Not much help, but maybe your friend was on to something there about those TT maybe not having all they could to help prep for the ACT/SAT....

FM Sheri