Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Solid Freebies Without the Sell!

I love freebies, but the constant barrage of ads drives me crazy! I am not so dumb as to not view most everything that comes across my screen, but the constant marketing of products by some FREEBIE vendors is just a good ole fashioned ploy~but hey...who can blame a gal for wanting something for nothing or a vendor peddling wares, even if veiled in FREEness? Well, just consider it "paying" when you read the advertisements, and that IF you should purchase, you have solidified the FREEBIE vendor's advertising strategy in gaining more customers! I have on occasion purchased from an ad attached in something else, like a newsletter or blog, but not often.  If I do, you can bet it's a bonafied DEAL, and I've checked ALL my sources for the best price possible...

If you are ad-ed-out, and love FREEBIES, visit the Erskine Family of KY.  They offer Homeschool Freebie of the Day and Homeschool Resource of the Day, along with Homeschool Radio Shows.
which are absolutely awesome! They even offer a FREE audio download per week of wonderful old timey radio show dramas usually about a famous person or event~wonderful stuff!!
Now you will see that they have been offering a huge resource for one price kind of deal for a period of time and will be changing formats to this next year, so this huge deal will be gone...but go check this part out for yourself~I like the weekly radio FREEBIE they offer~you can sign up on the page to see if your kids would even enjoy an audio learning experience.  Often there are guides too in PDF download in the FREEBIE~these are absolutely free; I love it!!

I enjoy sharing without the hype~so here's a resource you can get without the sell~

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