Thursday, September 3, 2009

Singing to Learn~A fun and stress free way to enjoy schooling

I got purely giddy over a blast I got today from Homeschool Enrichment Magazine
You can get a free sample too!

Today we are looking at homeschooling from an older age, we are now 8th and 9th graders, but way back when, in the early days when some of the conventional methods we tried, like workbooks and text books were not working, I found singing and physical activities~kinesthetic methods of learning to be very useful! VERY! Young children generally like to sing and dance! They are you know are much more active and hands on than some when they get older, while this learning style can remain, sometimes it will also "evolve" into visual and still auditory, but in different ways without a true need to move and sing...
but for the littles or
those who learn this way best~Sing to Learn is a resource site with LOADS of auditory singing learning materials...I saw Sing Spell Read and Write by Sue Dickson who we used with our struggling reader when he was second grade. It was fun, and most importantly it gave him a sense of accomplishment: It has a RACE TRACK board with vinyl magnetic cars that move around the track as each level is accomplished. It's colorful, durable, and we put it on the side of our fridge so my son could track his progress. There are learning games to accompany a reader, and writing phonics text which will focus on sounds, blends, diphthongs, and more...there is a spelling list and even songs to teach all of this...I adored it~and it WORKED! Another product I see they carry is called Skip Count Kid's Bible Heroes which was hugely successful in teaching the multiplication tables to my children with really cute songs~Bible based! There's a song about Noah and the ark with the animals coming on the ark by two's...we loved this one too! Go check out this website~you can listen to samples and order a catalog...the listening samples is HUGELY HELPFUL~

I found this so helpful when teaching my children in the early years and believe that these were very helpful in the foundations to learning that my children now possess!

Unsolicited, as most of my sharing is~It's purely for your benefit~I hope this helps!

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