Monday, September 14, 2009

Drama and Homeschooling!

This title could be deceiving! NO I'm not discussing family life, I know some of us have "drama" in our lives to last our life times, but I am actually talking about theater in the life of a homeschooler! 

Our children's personalities are God given and developed by everyone they encounter.  Parents have the major roles to play out, but everyone leaves something for everyone in this area...So some are naturally "out there" with gregorious laughter and not minding to be in the spotlight, while others snuggle shyly into our skirts or jeans leg as a new opportunity to present themselves is more than they want to encounter. . .

I have one of each.  Girl Thing One has danced her way to gospel music in church since she was old enough to walk.  When my children were preschoolers, my youngest son would set at our piano and finger the keys (any wonder he has natural gift for it??) and say to his sister, "Dance__! Dance!" And she did right along to his rhythms. . .on her toes, moving her feet as fast as she could with the biggest smile on her face.  He was grinning too~while he didn't want the spotlight, she did and his ability to "play" (this was light banging on the keys, really..." brought each of them joy.

Today as teenagers who are both musicicans, she is singing a hymn in Japanese, and he is playing it on his trumpet.  Again the stage is set for one to take a center spot and the other to accompany.  But not only has this continued in music, Girl Thing One is not in a homeschool drama club, well they both are~but she tried out for a part and got it, while he's happy working on props and costuming! Differences gallore for sure, but both active in their God given ways!

I want to encourage you to take your littles or bigs into areas that will bring confidence to them as they are exposed to this world we live in. 

It was interesting that yesterday in church because my daughter is reserved and very quiet most of the time that my Sunday School class was surprised to know that she is in a theatre production, and that this is her fifth or sixth.  She doesn't dance the church aisles anymore! But she does still enjoy the theature and performing~now a homeschool drama group. 

Please consider drama activities for your children.  The benefits can be huge in terms of their lives. . .will Boy Thing One continue to be a support and faithful back up to those who are more outgoing? But without opportunities, he may never take that center stage. . .and will Girl Thing One continue to work the parts?  Only the Lord knows the future of our children, but opportunities such as drama and other arts such as music are pieces in the building of positive life experiences.

If you don't have a drama group in your area, what about your co-op group? Can you along with them start one? Try your church too.  Often there are many opportunities for children in the form of Children's Choirs, Drama Teams, and more! I learned to sing in our church choir.  I've had about 2 years of piano most of which was as a seven year old, but I can sing and even simply play melody on the piano enough to get the notes for singing! Look around~there are opportunities~and often where was seek, we will find...but if not, let's consider starting!
BTW~the picture is an actual production with my daughter!

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momma24 said...

Our oldest dd has a beautiful singing voice. My dh is in a recording group and he says that she has more talent than he does. But she is sooo shy that she can't get up in front of people. We are working on it! The second born loves to act but the drama groups are so expensive that we can't afford them. The third loves dancing around the house. The fourth loves gymnastics and we worry about her hurting herself jumping off of things! lol