Wednesday, September 9, 2009

One Cool Cat~

If you love your pets, you can relate...

Our cat, Tiger was one of the coolest cats we've ever had. . . I'm a cat-lover! Seems like I've always had one, and they've stayed with me most of my life. About nine years ago, we visited friends and this friendly orange and white~American longhair house cat came into my husband's chest and loved him...made peace with the alpha male in our home~Daddy who just couldn't at that point say NO to two begging children. . .hence why he's Thomas Tiger!

He was unusual in that he learned to play chase with our son. Around and back and forth, Tiger would run after our boy and in return our rambuctious child would run with him back. Eventually our son tired of the game, but Tiger was relentless...HE played so hard...and another favorite was chasing the laser light beam up the wall until he was purely breathless. Panting, and lying exhausted, if we continued to shine the light, his eyes would follow...OK...when this happened, it was game over! But if he heard the jingle of keys in my husband's pocket, he came running for on the ring was that little fun light!

Tiger was emensely loyal to my daughter. He really was HER cat while we all claimed him...HE REALLY CLAIMED was her bed mostly he slept was she who he followed around like a puppy, and if she left him to go outside or upstairs behind, he would cry until one of us answered him and down or around he came...he loved his girl and his people...

He was a social cat and even in sickness stayed with us as much as he was able. . .content to lay on the rug or in our son's comfy chair...He always was near and snuggly...

He was a huge cat of 16 lbs and had an air of dignity that cats generally have, but our daughter said, "he's manly, a manly cat" placing on him a black patent leather collar. . . dare I say he was in style too? lol! His coat was long, and the colors bright...his orange fur the color of our children's hair. . .he was gorgeous with golden yellow eyes that were huge. We learned to brush his fur and he enjoyed that so much. He was simply beautiful.

Tiger, as must so many pets has left us to be removed from the suffering of this life. But we celebrate as it may seem silly to some, his time with us! Gone too soon, really is the truth. . .I had expected him to see our children grow up and become as had Mr. Henry, a grumpy old man lol! But as with the will of God and as nature takes hold, some things are not as we desire.

Tiger was one cool cat! And as such we will never forget him, and will always hold his memory dear to our hearts...You can read about him
and be sure to hug your family and pets 'em up!


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