Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Joy Comes in the Morning!

After a long struggle or process or effort, VICTORY~JOY~SATISFACTION
can be so fulfilling! Without the work though, the sweetness of the end result is less, for if we are just handed the victory, joy, satisfaction, achievement or results then somehow it is not as savory, not as valuable, not as appreciated.

Have you ever struggled or longed and worked, set a goal to meet then step by step met that goal? In the words of an old comedic actor, "How sweet it is!" Yes, we feel that in our accomplishment and pursuit pushes the end result to a higher estimated value for we KNOW what it took to achieve and gain...

Getting started this year, gearing up, roaring up our engines for another year of pursuit, effort, struggle, process, steps, work we can keep our eye on the end result knowing that in a not too distant future with the sweet savor of victory, our child who we have meticulously planned their education, prayed for without reserve, loved unconditionally and cheered onward will find for themselves the life that God has for them as well developed, seasoned, educated citizens who can do what other generations of great worth have done~have achieved~have become!

I encourage you, as these first few weeks get into gear to keep your eye on the end of the days when it's a final curtain call, "this is it" day,their graduation from your homeschooling efforts, to know that every little itty bitty effort will bring fruit for a brighter world and God's glory! Homeschooling in its very nature is a process, and we can be confident that our efforts will bring what is sown, and God can be praised because joy does come in the morning~and how sweet the savoring after the process for both we parents and our precious children!

Savoring the thought of the Joy to come!

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