Monday, September 21, 2009

Ministry of Christian Law Association~Homeschool Legal Advantage

Do you ever wonder if there is someone who is concerned with the legal rights to home educate your children and willing to protect you from those who would want to remove those rights?  The Christian Law Association has been defending Christian liberty since 1969 and has launched its new ministry, Homeschool Legal Advantage.  I am thrilled to introduce this ministry to you as you may recognize the name Attorney David Gibbs.  He has been associated with quite a few high profile cases where Christian liberty was at stake.  If you are homeschooling, you will want to consider this ministry for your right arm legal protection as they are well acquainted with so much that has gone on the last forty years!

Read about what Homeschool Legal Advantage can offer you

Now I have some wonderful new for you!  You can get your first year FREE by subscribing to Home School Enrichment Magazine.  These fine folks have partnered to bring a year's subscription to their magazine until TONIGHT 9:00PM CST for $14.57 which is a savings from the regualar $21.97 per year cost AND you get Homeschool Legal Advantage FREE!

Is this too good to be true? No! 

I have researched HLA and find them to be good solid and ready to stand with homeschoolers and Christians concerning Christian liberty.  Don't let this get by you~if you miss tonight's deadline, then you can still get Homeschool Legal Advantage FREE but the sales price ends and then you pay the low price of $21.97.   

Go here for the magazine special of $14.57 here if you are after the cut off special price

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