Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Remembering 9/11~a tribute and film...

I remember it. Don't you? If you were near a television at that precise hour, then you along with many of us watched in horror as some of the most vicious attacks on our nation unfolded before our eyes...I was home with my children. Our daughter the had been in public kindergarten , and this day as I sat dismayed at what I was seeing, I offered up a prayer of thanksgiving in knowing both my children were home with us, and we were not in fear as many parents who were so concerned that they ran to the schools to get their children...homeschooling took on a new meaning for me. It was a new commitment in our lives, our second year!

Love of God and country has been a huge theme in our schooling. We believe in patriotism! We believe is a just, holy and righteous God! And we believe in our duty to serve both!! In home education is our mechanism for gaining and performing both~

A few years ago, I accidently found the film, 9/11 The Falling Man. This is a documentary about one of the photographs of a man who like many that day became known as a "jumper," and the attempts by some to identify him, put a dignity to his situation and bring closure by by finding his family and for them closure and dignity. THIS IS NOT for the faint or weak as this film shows many disturbing images of the horror of WHAT those no good devils did to our nation, our people and each and every bit of our way of life.

I am chosing to share such with you because it is my belief that to gloss over it's shock, tragedy, and horror does NOT serve us today, but will in the long run harm us in a way that can effect generations to come! Lest We Forget...we may be doomed to repeat the past! It's my prayer that God gives us all the courage, strength and integrity to stand against tyranny in whatever form we find it, to defend and protect our United States Constitution and to BOLDLY say:
God Bless America! Land of the Free and the Brave!

It will take you over an hour to watch. I could have put up a "nice" pic, but in our nation today, we all need to be reminded...Lest We Forget... This was put up by Nichole and it's a tribute that will either make you mad or resolved to DO something in the name of freedom. Let's be patriots and stand strong for our nation!

Loving my country, my countrymen, and my God by remembering in solemness 9/11!

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