Wednesday, September 2, 2009

FREE Sample Homeschool Mag~

The front runners of homeschooling way back, when homeschooling wasn't legal or cool, the publishers of Home School Digest continue to support home education with inspiration and integrity. I had a lovely conversation with daughter, Sony who has said I can offer to you a FREE sample issue here at Tell'n It! I am truly excited to find another wonderful magazine resource for our family and to share it with you. THANKS Sony and Home School Digest!!

Sony shared with me that she is a homeschool graduate. WHAT encouragement to know more graduates, finding them working and serving all around me! Often when the days are long and weary, I wonder if we will make it to graduation~but then I chance~OK...I don't believe in chance...but the Lord sends upon my path a wonderful homeschooled graduate so that my doubting heart finds encouragement! She shared a neat resource for homeschool graduates that is one she has participated, and I went to the link to check it out: I went to the alumni page which shows a map of the locations of many grads~AND they are all over North America! Now I know some graduates who are not plotted, as I know a few locations where there is not "link" but that's a bunch of graduates I saw on that map!! I forwarded this to my high schoolers so they can be encouraged towards their futures! THANKS again Sony!!

Here is the link to Home School Digest:

Put in the code: GLEAN to recieve your FREEBIE Magazine! The promo code is linked to a fundraiser for Gleaning the Harvest , which is a ministry designed to help homeschooling windows and distressed single parents. Home School Digest is helping by giving to give the organization, Gleaning the Harvest for each Home School Digest requested, $1 towards advertising costs in the magazine for the ministry. This is a huge generous gift from Home School Digest in not only FREE sample magazines~@ $5 each, but also their advertising space for this ministry.

When cruising the magazine site, I also noticed a few other wonderful things about this publication. They are running a two-fer special. Their annual subscription rate is $20 per year for the quarterly publication, and you can share the magazine with someone to bless them without an additional charge! WHOOHOO! Christmas is coming~The school year is beginning~all families NEED encouragement in the training of our children in the Lord! THIS IS HUGE~REALLY HUGE and so very very generous! Another completely humble and loving thing I saw that amazed me was the offer for families who through financial hardship who can not pay the subscription rate ($20 per year or $5 per issue) the offer to help with a subscription or WHATEVER they can afford. What a generous giving back and helping of those who may have a need. I visited with Sony, and if she's any indication of the sweet hearted spirit in this family, I can praise the Lord for having found Home School Digest!

Why don't you head over there and get acquainted with their ministry yourself. They have other publications as well that I need to check out too~

What a wonderful opportunity to be encouraged and uplifed in the Lord as we homeschool our children in His ways through Home School Digest~AND THANKS Sony! So nice to meet you!


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