Wednesday, March 31, 2010

THREAT to Homeschool FREEdom!

I'm tell'n it! The National Governors Assoc and others are working on a state standards intitative for common core standards in education.  You can read it all at  Homeschool Legal Defense is working to keep government out of homeschooling. You can read to get the latest info.

Everyone who homeschools needs to be aware that while this movement is more accepted today than in the past, there continue to be threats in this area.

Homeschool Legal Advantage advises several things while homeschooling. You can readHandling Legal Challenges.
As homeschoolers we must be wise and aware of all situations and do what is best for our families.  

There's some great info on both HSLDA and HLA websites on home education.


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Homeschool Planning With A PLANNER!

Are you wrapping down the school 09-10 year? Some of us will be finishing this, next or even the next month, while some of us are year rounders~I've done it both ways where we've schooled Sept-May and then went year around too. Seems like we end up doing SOMETHING year round most years~but I like to PLAN this time of year! I like to have all my ideas in the bag and my plans all made~WHAT ABOUT YOU? I know the year we moved, I found myself planning in late summer~I have found a wonderful resource, sent to me for review by The Old Schoolhouse Magazine: 2010 Schoolhouse Planner eBook. I've reviewed the 2008 planner previously and the Excerpts from both 08 and 09 eBook as well. This is an awesome planner. It's really bigger and better in that there are NEW forms. I am amazed that everything you might need organized in the home and homeschool is given attention is ONE spot!

Forms, articles from leading homeschool names who are experts in the field, ideas for study, and more are included in this HUGE planner! You won't need another planner for your organizational needs and each year The Old Schoolhouse has made it bigger and better! I think one of the best features is that if you want to pick and choose what you use from it, you can as the components are interactive. You can print all or little depending upon your needs to create a workable plan for the school year. I am working on utilizing the forms that will complement our homeschooling, since I prefer to save on printing costs, I will only print just what I need. But I will have a copy on my hard drive from my download to work through right on the computer too. I don't have to print if I chose not to~or I can! It's very flexible!

The Old Schoolhouse Store is taking orders ~$39.00!!

Check out The Old Schoolhouse 2010 Planner eBook. Everything you need to plan the year is right here at a mouse click and ready to go with us for a successsful plan for a successful year!
I was given a copy of the 2010 Planner for this review without any other compensation. My opinions are my own.

Friday, March 26, 2010

SNOW? in March~

This just might be mundane to talk about, but really REALLY when I am seeing my more southerly friends planting and readying their garden spots AND I am getting a snow storm~WHAT AM I TO THINK?

I can think I am mad and fuss and fume that snow is covering up my flower bulbs that got duped by mother nature and peek out into the sunshine ALREADY!

I can think that my flowering trees are going to drop all that splendor and NO fruit this season.

I can think that white on the ground is OK in March! The END of it, no less!

I can think that cold is good~it's better than hot~I mean, how many clothes can one take off but~THERE ARE LOADS to put on if cold!

I can think that Spring will be even better WHEN it really gets here!

I can think I had better quit thinking~LOL!!

I can think that it's time to quit posting something this silly~AND wonders if you have snow where you live right now?

Yea, I can's about WHAT I am thinking...and it makes all the difference!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Homeschooling At Its Best

Sometimes it just works out beautifully. Really.

There were obstacles too. In fact, except for some blessings, this event would not have occurred. But boy it was GREAT that it did~my daughter and son were able to attend a Spring Dance in formal attire this weekend. Wow~how quick they grow up!

If I said what went wrong then you'd understand how
SWEET the victory is~

1. We had no dress or money to get one.
God blessed our daughter with a gifted dress. I had to hem it and have it dry cleaned.
2.  The cleaner improperly bagged the dress and it got wrinkled. 
Had to send the dress BACK and pick it up just a couple hours from time to depart for the dance!
3.  The hair dresser had my girl in tears because SHE DIDN'T LISTEN~
Hub had to run to the beauty supply to buy curlers for THE LOOK and Mama Hair Diva (me) had to roll up daughter's hair, dry it, and fix it FAST!
4.  The foundation garmet FAILED to arrive!
Mama's secret to the rescue...
5.  The hair would NOT dry~
Mama Hair Diva (me) used a trick to fix the hair~whooweee daughter was gorgeous!

There were soo many lessons we learned that day, but for me, it was pure delight sharing in getting my daughter ready for her first formal. Picking jewlery and fixing her hair was my pleasure~

My son was a little easier~he wore his church clothes and we cleaned his shoes~SIMPLE!

But it was great when all worked out so grand!

It was a homeschooling dance with homeschoolers who are learning old timey square dancing and ballroom style.

It's GREAT when it works out well~YES it is!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Download N Go~Twisting Tornados!

Twisting Tornados is one of the newest Download N Go unit study series available for your child. There are quite a few titles, and you won’t want to miss a single one!

Spring has sprung around our house, and we had our first thunderstorm of the season this evening! Flashes of light, wind, rain and the BIG boom are all part of the season of growth that comes this time of year. But just a few years ago, we were in the Fall of the year when like Spring temperatures were rapidly changing to find ourselves in an F5 tornado’s path! Yikes! It was harrowing as the wind howled and the house shook. IT WENT THROUGH OUR BACKYARD~No kidding! And while devastation was all around us, we were safe and sound! Twisting Tornados will prepare you and your child if this event should come and give him a great understanding of how tornados are formed and behave. Never head of Download N Go?

Amanda Bennett along with The Old Schoolhouse are creating Download N Go weekly lapbooking unit studies for ages K-4th grades. From the study, the explanation:
“Each study is one week in length, having five daily lessons with lapbook components for each day. The name, Download N Go™, comes from the concept that these studies are ready to use as soon as you have downloaded them. No preparation or waiting time or other expensive resources are required. A few inexpensive items are needed for the lapbook—a simple file folder, a glue stick, safety scissors, brass brads, and crayons or markers. That’s it—simple, effective, and what a way to learn!” This is an easy way to learn the crucial information~all the FUN STUFF related to tornados~and certainly I hope you never get to first hand experience one, but their power is something incredible!

Children have such natural curiosity, and while a REAL tornado may evoke fear, if we teach all the information prior to such an event or as a point of knowledge as the seasons change from Winter to Spring what greater peace can come as well as being prepared for safety.

I don’t want to give too much away about Twisting Tornados, but you can rest assured that there are five really full days of learning centered around this topic that will include loads of learning for your child. With each day there are objectives, a suggested reading list and the lapbook with much information that is available on the web. Your printer will do the work of creating the “pages” of the lapbook and your child will increase his fine motor skills as he creates his lapbook. This is a fun and easy way to learn information that will prepare for a possible real life event! There are faith building objectives as well, giving the Lord our trust for our well being!

Download N Go offers an affordable option of learning without any prep other than the afore mentioned supplies, library books and websites. You will find this easy to teach and rich for your child!

If you are unfamiliar with lapbooking, Download N Go offers detailed instructions on constructing these on the simple, but you can make the project your own as well~it’s versatile!

Let’s capitalize on our children’s natural curiosity and teach about a naturally occurring event straight from mother nature!

SisterTipster <3
I recieved a copy of Twisting Tornados Download N Go Unit Study but no other compensation. I am a TOS affiliate and reviewer. My opinions are my own; see my posted policy right bottom. Thank you.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

History Channel FREEbie!

As you know, Sister LOVES history! Soooo without further ado...a FREEbie from the History Channel:
Go to Story of Us dvd sign up  to get your own copy of this wonderful resource. We have the books, Story of Us by Joy Hakim and they are awesome for US history! This is a very very cool FREEbie which registration will end July 1, 2010.

If you have the History Channel, the series, America The Story of US — premiers on HISTORY™ April 25 at 9pm/8c — is a six week event that provides a fascinating look at the stories of the people, events, and innovations that forged our nation. It will provide you with an unprecedented opportunity to bring our nation's history to life for your students. This 12-hour series will be supported by educational materials tied to curriculum standards and is copyright cleared for Fair Use in the classroom by instructors or pupils in the course of face-to-face teaching activities.

 Don't miss out! Thanks Jennifer for sharing this IMPORTANT LINK! ;-))
Historically speaking,
SisterTipster<3 GO get your dvd!!

Terri Shivo Film on CLA website...

I'd like to introduce you to a short film on Terri Shivo, with Attorney David Gibbs who represented the Shindler family Terri's This film will not take very long and is very informative about what really happened to this disabled person.  Please go to the Christian Law Association's link to gain some more insight into just what happened. Note that this is a talk by Attorney Gibbs and will not be suitable for young children.

My prayers go to Terri's family in their loss.

I have seen the film, The Terri Shiavo Story.  It's very good and quite eye opening. I was surprised to see Joni Eareckson-Tada who was there with the family for Terri's right to live. The mainstream media NEVER showed Joni (Joni and on camera as well as all the other people who came in support.

This is the fifth anniversary of Terri's passing. Please go and see...
God bless you,
I have recieved no compensation nor products for this review of information. It is my own opinion and not anyone elses. Thank you.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Healthcare and Homeschool Don't Mix!

If you ever wondered how in the world freedom becomes eroded for a nation, KEEP TUNED INTO the situation in our government. Repeatedly since the new presidential admin there has been an attack on the foundation of our nation. First with a lack of regard in general for our nation and a desire to "change" what in some ways did not need fixing but in other ways did~however to take total control is not just change, it is wrong!

Healthcare in the current form presented to congress will bring unwarranted and unwanted change to our nation~but what are we doing? Some of us~nothing! I know that the liberal left is busy, busy, busy while we sit on our hands or throw them high towards heaven forgetting that God expects us to do...we must get involved to keep the freedom of our land!

If you are a homeschooler or just flat believe the government has no business messing in the affairs of its people LIKE THIS, head on over and email your congress: rep and senator. Do them ALL for your state! Don't be a nameless/faceless comentor, STAND UP and be counted as a dissenter for freedom! Somebody has to preserve the freedoms of our land!

BTW~wanna know why~WHY imho our younger generation *thinks* this kind of bill is ok? Consider their education and socialization. Did they get enough history taught to them that they understand or grasp more than what they hear in the nightly news? (If they even watch it!) What about knowing how to think beyond the obvious? Where is the evidence? Have we failed our recent generations with a handicap of ignorance that we and future generations will have to pay for in loss of freedom? Has everyone become so "accepting" that we are willing for a peaceful occupation and loss of American freedoms? Do they know what inalienable rights our founding fathers had in mind by having read their works? When our government says that it's a fundamental right, do people really KNOW what "carrot" is being dangled in exchange for power?

Oh Sister T is't popular today, but that's ok...WAKE UP! WAKE UP! READ and be educated! KNOW the TRUTH~ occupation doesn't always come with tanks and guns~~~perhaps it has come with a system of education where our children's minds are locked into ignorance and self absorbing ideals so that when a threat presents itself LIKE THIS HEALTHCARE BILL we are too blind, dumb and happy to reaize we were JUST TAKEN OVER!

Read the Homeschool Legal Defense Association's take on this situation. Come ON! Let's do something~now!
Leave me a comment and make that email or call~let's do what our President is urging his followers to do which is to light up Washington's phone lines with calls!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Weather or Whether?

Just kidding about the little play on words there in the title! I just want share that if you have a need to show some films in your schooling or like me could use a little "entertainment" on the cheap, then check out
for some cool films that can be great! Let me say that not all the films are family friendly, OK? So BEWARE of this and preview any for your kids as well as watch those ratings! They offer a free trial and for those of us on a budget who are not paying high cable bills, $10 a mo is great for movie watching as well as documentaries. I like these a lot!

Now whether you worry about the weather or not, I am into storms. But not the way you might guess. I was once "almost" struck by lightening, but it was tonight's viewing of a Netfilx film that led me to this realization. Oh how earrie it was too! The room glowed, the CORDLESS PHONE rannnnnnnnnnng and was burned out at the base~folks don't think just because it's cordless you are safe, OK? AND also there was a strong static charge that went through the air! Believe it or not, I was near my double kitchen windows WASHING DISHES in rainy stormy Georgia quite a few years ago! I though lightening had struck and knew the phone had been destroyed, but the flash of bright light and static charge is a description that compares to the film I watched...must be...hmmm...

Ok...I am reviewing a Download N Go on Weather COMING SOON~Stay tuned!
GLAD I am here!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I've Said It Before...

AND I will say it again, HOMESCHOOLING is TOUGH! It's not the easy road. There are many many sacrifices. Should EVERYONE DO IT? Probably not. But who shouldn't homeschool then, if I believe it's the VERY BEST educational option for children? Without a doubt there are women who have no business homeschooling, but they are likely the ones that makes those (like the Nazis) who think that there are women who have no business being mothers too.  I think that if a woman is a mother and a man is a father then their responsibility is to educate their offspring. Does this mean in the home? OR does this mean in some sort of other means like a public or private institution? While I whole heartedly RECOGNIZE the home as the very best place of nurture for children, the best place to learn ALL that is needed in this life both educationally and morally there can be instances where it is needful to utilize other resources for education.  Do I think that anyone can homeschool? NO~actually there are some who don't need to for many reasons~AND there are times when the other avenues will need to be utilized. It boils down to a soul searching and priority check up really. If we can assess our values and goals within the confines of a sound moral make up rooted in God's Word then our decisions will be within the will, His perfect Will for our lives~homeschooling or not. I tend to honor the idea that "to whom much is given, much is required", and once I am made aware of a higher plane it's my duty to follow it. IS THIS EASY?? Never! In fact it's often like pulling hen's teeth (as if the ole gal has any!!) Soooo my facebook comment regarding home education as the only means of education is my stance being soundly rooted in nine looooooonnnnnnggggg years of following the path I have so been led. ARE there days I want to throw in the towel? You bettcha! Yes!!! And there are even moments I consider IF I AM DOING a good job or is this truly the best for my children.  Yeah, I shudder and think about it~I'd be a total fool not to think about it, as would any thinking, evaluating parent. We all must look at our situations and consider the long and short term results~EVALUATE each and every second we are walking this or any other path for that matter.

To Homeschool Will Require:
1. Desire
2. Time
3. Guts
4. Cooperation in the home~everyone has to WANT TO...but it doesn't end there~working together is key!
5. Tenacity
6. Evaluation and Accessment
7. Patience
8. Preparation and Execution (and I don't mean "kill the kids" either LOL!)
9. Positive attitude
10. Prayer
11. Humility
12. Research
13. Materials (a plan and a goal~Long and short terms goals that are coupled with the materials used.)
14. Maintence (keeping up with it all!)
15. Love (a devoute love and respect for our children to make them a high priority in our lives.)

With all said, I would never want to get into the "WHO" of shouldn't homeschool. I'll leave that up to the individual...but as for us, we are one step~itty-bitty, teeny-weeny, minnie-side slide working the plan towards graduation~by His GRACE!

I was talking to a friend of mine yesterday who I saw a pic of her at 15 (my daughter's age) who said she had smoked pot and some other drug I can't even spell that is a hallucinogenic THAT SHE BOUGHT IN THE PARKING LOT OF THE PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOL~oh yeah! AND she's 50 years old now...also she was telling me that there weren't enough school books to go around, "They didn't teach us anything!" she told I know it's quite a few years since...but, but..but.....BUT! I do know when my son attended his ONE year of public school I was utterly amazed to hear (over a year later!!) just went on there~things like teachers throwing desks and yelling, 3 classes held up in one room with ONE teacher~kids sitting all over the desks and floors so the other two could attend a meeting~oh let's see...hmm....then there is the locked up school with EVERY DOOR LOCKED down tight and a child in the hallway has to knock if they go into the hallway~yeah, it's security measures for the LONE GUNMAN who might enter~OMgoodness!!!

With all said, when 9/11 occurred (2002), I was home with mine and never felt I needed to run go and get them! When the news says somebody lost it and shot up the school, I am NOT wondering IF my two are safe~AND I ALSO know that there's NO POT or whatever sold in our parking lot AND WE have enough school books~

Does everyone need to homeschool? You decide your own path~and we all~YES, we all~including SisterT will find ourselves with the consequences of our actions, both good and bad..."the decisions we make today, can and WILL effect us, possibly for a lifetime and into eternity!"

Just my NOT so humble opinion. AND by the way, I am OK if you decide you can't, won't, will not, shall not, aren't able, it's best not, or any other way to say~you are not homeschooling! It's a free county-so far...and it's everybody's right to our own destiny~and since I am so narrow minded, just know though, I am OK with any one of my friends who decides their own path...that's the beauty of friendship~WE ARE ALL different.

So since I've said it before, it's laid to rest. The choices are for each of us...the consequences are ours too either way~both good and bad.