Friday, March 12, 2010

Weather or Whether?

Just kidding about the little play on words there in the title! I just want share that if you have a need to show some films in your schooling or like me could use a little "entertainment" on the cheap, then check out
for some cool films that can be great! Let me say that not all the films are family friendly, OK? So BEWARE of this and preview any for your kids as well as watch those ratings! They offer a free trial and for those of us on a budget who are not paying high cable bills, $10 a mo is great for movie watching as well as documentaries. I like these a lot!

Now whether you worry about the weather or not, I am into storms. But not the way you might guess. I was once "almost" struck by lightening, but it was tonight's viewing of a Netfilx film that led me to this realization. Oh how earrie it was too! The room glowed, the CORDLESS PHONE rannnnnnnnnnng and was burned out at the base~folks don't think just because it's cordless you are safe, OK? AND also there was a strong static charge that went through the air! Believe it or not, I was near my double kitchen windows WASHING DISHES in rainy stormy Georgia quite a few years ago! I though lightening had struck and knew the phone had been destroyed, but the flash of bright light and static charge is a description that compares to the film I watched...must be...hmmm...

Ok...I am reviewing a Download N Go on Weather COMING SOON~Stay tuned!
GLAD I am here!

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