Monday, March 22, 2010

Homeschooling At Its Best

Sometimes it just works out beautifully. Really.

There were obstacles too. In fact, except for some blessings, this event would not have occurred. But boy it was GREAT that it did~my daughter and son were able to attend a Spring Dance in formal attire this weekend. Wow~how quick they grow up!

If I said what went wrong then you'd understand how
SWEET the victory is~

1. We had no dress or money to get one.
God blessed our daughter with a gifted dress. I had to hem it and have it dry cleaned.
2.  The cleaner improperly bagged the dress and it got wrinkled. 
Had to send the dress BACK and pick it up just a couple hours from time to depart for the dance!
3.  The hair dresser had my girl in tears because SHE DIDN'T LISTEN~
Hub had to run to the beauty supply to buy curlers for THE LOOK and Mama Hair Diva (me) had to roll up daughter's hair, dry it, and fix it FAST!
4.  The foundation garmet FAILED to arrive!
Mama's secret to the rescue...
5.  The hair would NOT dry~
Mama Hair Diva (me) used a trick to fix the hair~whooweee daughter was gorgeous!

There were soo many lessons we learned that day, but for me, it was pure delight sharing in getting my daughter ready for her first formal. Picking jewlery and fixing her hair was my pleasure~

My son was a little easier~he wore his church clothes and we cleaned his shoes~SIMPLE!

But it was great when all worked out so grand!

It was a homeschooling dance with homeschoolers who are learning old timey square dancing and ballroom style.

It's GREAT when it works out well~YES it is!

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Sheri said...

One: Super Job Sister Tipster! Isn't it amazing how we can pull it out of nothing to get something accomplished for our kiddos?
Two: they look rather handsome and quite beautimous! It is fun to see them all gussied up for a nite out. You did good! :0)