Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Healthcare and Homeschool Don't Mix!

If you ever wondered how in the world freedom becomes eroded for a nation, KEEP TUNED INTO the situation in our government. Repeatedly since the new presidential admin there has been an attack on the foundation of our nation. First with a lack of regard in general for our nation and a desire to "change" what in some ways did not need fixing but in other ways did~however to take total control is not just change, it is wrong!

Healthcare in the current form presented to congress will bring unwarranted and unwanted change to our nation~but what are we doing? Some of us~nothing! I know that the liberal left is busy, busy, busy while we sit on our hands or throw them high towards heaven forgetting that God expects us to do...we must get involved to keep the freedom of our land!

If you are a homeschooler or just flat believe the government has no business messing in the affairs of its people LIKE THIS, head on over and email your congress: rep and senator. Do them ALL for your state! Don't be a nameless/faceless comentor, STAND UP and be counted as a dissenter for freedom! Somebody has to preserve the freedoms of our land!

BTW~wanna know why~WHY imho our younger generation *thinks* this kind of bill is ok? Consider their education and socialization. Did they get enough history taught to them that they understand or grasp more than what they hear in the nightly news? (If they even watch it!) What about knowing how to think beyond the obvious? Where is the evidence? Have we failed our recent generations with a handicap of ignorance that we and future generations will have to pay for in loss of freedom? Has everyone become so "accepting" that we are willing for a peaceful occupation and loss of American freedoms? Do they know what inalienable rights our founding fathers had in mind by having read their works? When our government says that it's a fundamental right, do people really KNOW what "carrot" is being dangled in exchange for power?

Oh Sister T is't popular today, but that's ok...WAKE UP! WAKE UP! READ and be educated! KNOW the TRUTH~ occupation doesn't always come with tanks and guns~~~perhaps it has come with a system of education where our children's minds are locked into ignorance and self absorbing ideals so that when a threat presents itself LIKE THIS HEALTHCARE BILL we are too blind, dumb and happy to reaize we were JUST TAKEN OVER!

Read the Homeschool Legal Defense Association's take on this situation. Come ON! Let's do something~now!
Leave me a comment and make that email or call~let's do what our President is urging his followers to do which is to light up Washington's phone lines with calls!

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