Saturday, March 27, 2010

Homeschool Planning With A PLANNER!

Are you wrapping down the school 09-10 year? Some of us will be finishing this, next or even the next month, while some of us are year rounders~I've done it both ways where we've schooled Sept-May and then went year around too. Seems like we end up doing SOMETHING year round most years~but I like to PLAN this time of year! I like to have all my ideas in the bag and my plans all made~WHAT ABOUT YOU? I know the year we moved, I found myself planning in late summer~I have found a wonderful resource, sent to me for review by The Old Schoolhouse Magazine: 2010 Schoolhouse Planner eBook. I've reviewed the 2008 planner previously and the Excerpts from both 08 and 09 eBook as well. This is an awesome planner. It's really bigger and better in that there are NEW forms. I am amazed that everything you might need organized in the home and homeschool is given attention is ONE spot!

Forms, articles from leading homeschool names who are experts in the field, ideas for study, and more are included in this HUGE planner! You won't need another planner for your organizational needs and each year The Old Schoolhouse has made it bigger and better! I think one of the best features is that if you want to pick and choose what you use from it, you can as the components are interactive. You can print all or little depending upon your needs to create a workable plan for the school year. I am working on utilizing the forms that will complement our homeschooling, since I prefer to save on printing costs, I will only print just what I need. But I will have a copy on my hard drive from my download to work through right on the computer too. I don't have to print if I chose not to~or I can! It's very flexible!

The Old Schoolhouse Store is taking orders ~$39.00!!

Check out The Old Schoolhouse 2010 Planner eBook. Everything you need to plan the year is right here at a mouse click and ready to go with us for a successsful plan for a successful year!
I was given a copy of the 2010 Planner for this review without any other compensation. My opinions are my own.

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